Valheim: How To Summon And Defeat Moder

Moder is a dragon and the fourth boss you will encounter in Valheim. “Moder” directly translates to “Mother” in the Nordic language. A fitting name for the she-dragon as you will need to haul dragon eggs atop mountain biomes in order to summon her.

Along with a painstaking summoning process, there are also extra preparations you’ll need to make in order to survive the bitter mountain climate, which you’ll likely need to voyage across the open sea to find in the first place. After several exhausting treks up and down the mountain slopes, taking on this mother dragon will seem as easy as breathing in the crisp mountain air.

Recommended Gear

A Wolf Fur Cape will help ward off the bite from the mountains’ severe climate, but you will need four silver, six wolf pelts, and a wolf trophy in order to craft it. All being materials you must acquire in these mountainous regions, this creates a bit of an oxymoron.

You can rectify the situation by first venturing into the mountain biomes for shorter stints using Frost Resistance Mead to gather the wolf cape materials. This mead is craftable with a functional brewing station composed of a cauldron and fermenter. The recipe uses Thistle, Bloodbags, Honey, and a Greydwarf Eye. All materials attainable within the Black Forest and Swamp biomes.

You’ll also want to utilize Medium Health Meads as Moder doles out massive damage capable of one-hit fatalities.

Because of her grievous attacks, a ranged approach is recommended. Moder has a copious amount of health to couple with her devastating damage output. Due to this seemingly impenetrable stat pairing, Draugr Fang- the most powerful bow in the game so far-, is highly recommended. The bow itself inflicts innate poison damage, which will help you chip away at Moder’s health consistently.

Even though Moder is susceptible to fire damage, fire arrows deal abysmal damage, especially in correlation to the mother dragon’s abundant health. Therefore poison arrows are a better bet. They deal 26 piercing damage and an additional 52 point poison debuff. Needle Arrows are also a viable option, piercing for 52 damage with a 15 point knockback.

Giant’s Belt is an unassuming but vital tool to have with you on this particular excursion. The importance of which we will delve into as we cover the excruciating process in summoning Moder.

Summoning Moder

Moder’s boss location runes can be found inside stone ruins amidst the mountains. Once located, Moder’s summoning ritual requires three Dragon Eggs, weighing 200 units each and non-teleportable, to be placed at her altar. Maneuvering these beastly eggs is the real challenge. After this summoning ordeal, slaying Morder is a walk in the park.

Locating The Eggs

Rather than hiking high and low, scouring the mountains in hopes of stumbling across these giant eggs, climb the highest peak and survey the area, ideally at night. Caution: the mountains, like all other biomes, are far more dangerous under cover of darkness. However, it is easier to spot egg locations by the faint glowing purple dot they emanate.

Moving The Eggs

Your standard carrying capacity is 300 units, which means with a weight of 200 units per egg, you’re going to have trouble carrying even one along with your necessary traveling and combat gear. This is where the Giant’s Belt comes in, giving you an extra 150 unit carrying capacity. Carrying three eggs is simply out of the question, let alone two, but with the Giant’s Belt, you may be able to handle one at a time. If not, let the mountain do the first stint of the legwork for you.

You’ll need to strategically moor your boat along a bank at the foot of the mountain, then after scouting and locating an egg, pick it up, waddle your way to the edge of a cliff, then go into your inventory and chuck it over the side. You’ll need to follow it down the mountain, so just be deft about navigating your slide down the mountain to avoid fall damage, then repeat until you reach the base.

You’ll need to be careful the egg doesn’t roll into the ocean because it will despawn. Similarly, you will need to drop everything in your inventory you can afford to lose and carry it onto the boat. Do not try to throw it onto the deck of your boat because the egg won’t register the boat and go straight through into the ocean.

Transporting The Eggs To Moder’s Summoning Altar

Once on the boat, you can place the egg safely in the boat’s storage which can hold all three eggs. Now, sail to the nearest point below Moder’s altar. There you will have to make three separate journeys up to the summoning platform and place an egg in each of the three sockets. But before interacting with the altar, be sure you are prepared because you do not want to repeat this egg hunt.


The first step in preparing for the encounter will be to mine a trench around the altar’s platform. One end should start near the highest point of the stone wall around the platform. Continue digging a gradual slope around most of the platform, with each end being the shallowest point. If you want even more coverage, you can build a roof over a section of the trench using wooden platforms. Hiding under this covered section during battle will cause Moder to lose aggro on you. A trench has the added benefit of confusing the AI, sometimes causing Moder to stand still and not attack for a minute as she tries to figure out how to navigate the terrain.

Battle Tactics

Every time Moder rears her head and or hovers in the air, run along your trench to put the platform between you. This is really the only tactic you need to best Moder. Even though Moder is weak to fire, poison is a better way to whittle away her health consistently, and poison arrows hit harder than fire arrows. It’s not advised to try taking her on in melee combat as all of her attacks are capable of savaging you in one hit when taking the full brunt of them. This is what the deepest part of the trench is for. Duck down into the trench, and she won’t be able to hit you. Standing in the trench behind the tallest part of the altar’s wall, in the deeper section, or under the makeshift cover will block all damage from Moder’s ranged attacks as long as you put the altar between you.


Moder’s trophy grants the sailing ability, “always tailwind,” to make sailing more efficient no matter how your sail is set in correlation to the wind.

The Dragon Tears she drops are used to craft the Artisan Table, Windmill, and Spinning Wheel. The windmill is needed for processing Barley into Barley Flour, a key ingredient for cooking. The others are necessary machinery for crafting the Black Metal armor, which is the best armor in-game currently and will definitely come in handy against Valheim’s fifth and so far final boss.

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