Valorant Reveals New Agent Fade Along With Abilities

The grand finals of the Valorant Champions Tour took place this past Sunday. While the epic showdown between OpTic and LOUD was a sight to behold, it was what took place before and after that Valorant fans are talking about. During the match’s pre-show, Riot Games revealed the cinematics for the new character Fade. Afterward, fans were treated to more information about this agent with a sneak peek at her gameplay.

Fade enters the fray as a recon character and a foil for fan-favorite Sova. Her abilities center around seeking out other players and covering them in shadows until she arrives to take them down. With the power of nightmares on her side, this Turkish bounty hunter is sure to leave a mark. Here is a breakdown of the abilities players can expect from this Agent of the shadows.

E – Haunt: Players will equip a throwable orb that will hover for a moment before slamming into the ground. Once it hits, it transforms into a nightmarish entity that will reveal player locations.

Q – Seize: Another throwable orb that will hover for a set amount of time before slamming into the ground. Once on the ground, the orb will explode into an AoE zone that traps players.

C – Prowler: Players can fire the prowler in a straight line where it will lock on and chase down any player in its line of sight. If it reaches them, it will near sight them.

X – Nightfall: This ability lets players fire the power of fear into the battlefield. A wave of nightmare energy, that will not be stopped by walls, will lead Fade straight to an opponent, while also deafening and decaying them.

Fade is poised to enter the world of Valorant as part of the Episode 4 Act 3 update on April 27. This update will also bring a new battle pass full of new items for the first-person shooter. Highlights include the Ragna-Rock Out and UltraBright Torch Buddies, .SYS Vandal and Axe skins, Deep Divisions Buddy, Look Behind You spray, the Unstoppable//Phoenix player card, and much more. The pass will cost players 1,000 VP ($9.99).

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