Valve Unveils Personalized News Hub In Steam

Steam is making a lot of changes these days. First it was a brand new menu system that categorizes games in an easy-to-understand way and makes it simple for gamers to find the exact type of game they love most. Now it’s an update that gives those same gamers the personalized news feed to stay on top of the latest developments for all their favorite games.

Steam’s personalized news hub got started in Steam Labs back in March and is now rolling out to all users across the platform. Personalized news can be accessed by clicking the “news” tab at the top of the Steam homepage, or by heading to the Steam website, logging in, and then selecting “news” from the Store dropdown menu.

By default, Steam’s new personalized news will provide everyone with game updates, announcements, and events for everything in their Steam library, wishlist, or follow list. However, you can customize the news hub to only provide you with the specific type of news you want. Just click “Options and Filters” on the left-hand menu to see a checklist of news sources and types of news updates.

Given how some Steam users’ libraries are thousands of games long, it might not be a great idea to have “updates” selected if you don’t care about every tiny update for the games you own. You can further narrow down your news by selecting “recently played” to only get news updates for the games you actually play. You can also see what Steam thinks is newsworthy by leaving the “recommended” and “Steam” checkboxes, and you can even get updates for popular games you don’t own by selecting the “featured” news source.

But the news isn’t just limited to what’s going on with games. You can also get news from Steam Curators to get the latest news from various publications, including this one. Which is to say you should follow us on Steam so we can be in your Steam newsfeed. How’s that for shameless self-promotion?

Best of all, the new update is totally mobile-friendly, so you can get all Steam news while you’re staring at your phone. It’s a lot better than doomscrolling.

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