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Through the final White Chromatic Door is Q, or the Quantum Room. This is the final escape room you will have to complete in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. In this mysterious white room, you will look for a way out with Phi and Tenmyouji.

In the Quantum Room, you will have to solve a variety of familiar puzzles. Use everything you've learned in the past escape rooms and find a way out of Q. Let's take a look at how to solve every puzzle in this room, how to get the Gold File, and how to escape.

Q Room Layout

Unlike other escape rooms, when you first enter Q, it is completely empty. However, you will slowly unlock parts of the room, and pieces of the walls will move out, populating the room with harder versions of puzzles you have previously solved.

Before that, all you can find in Q are the entrance and exit doors, and a floating white cube in the center of the room.

How To Escape Q

Now, let's seek a way out of the final escape room.

Start by touching the floating cube in the middle of the room to start a mini-game that will allow you to locate the rest of the objects in the room. The side you touch corresponds to the wall directly in front of you; if you are facing the north wall (with the exit door), then touching the front face of the cube will let you interact with that wall.

Your goal is to play a modified version of Minesweeper to find where things are hidden in the wall. This can be done by selecting any tile on the cube, which will display yellow numbers from 0-3, letting you know how close you are to an object. Then, touch the corresponding tiles on the correct wall to reveal the object there. You can attempt to solve this on your own, or use the images below to open each section of the wall.

North Wall
East Wall
South Wall
West Wall

After you have opened all the wall panels, a message will play, announcing that you have found all available systems. Now, you can begin to solve these puzzles, which can be completed in any order.

Dice Puzzle

To start the dice mini-game, move to the west wall and inspect the purple books, titled DICE. Inside you can find pictures of blue die, green die, and red die, which you must remember the positions of for the mini-game. This mini-game is similar to the one you solved in the Pantry, and uses the same controls. To solve this mini-game, use the solution below.

  1. Select the red six die, then move it right, down, down, down, and down.
  2. Select the red five die, then move it right, right, down, left, and left.
  3. Select the blue six die, then move it left, down, down, left, and left.
  4. Select the blue two die, then move it up, up, right, right, down, right, down, and right.
  5. Select the green one die, then move it right, right, right, right, down, left, and down.
  6. Select the green two die, then move it up, up, up, up, right, right, and down.

After all the die are in position, you will be able to take the blue memory card from the slot on the machine.

Darts Puzzle

The Darts mini-game can be found in the southwest corner. Start by picking up the darts from the case, then inspect the dartboard to begin the mini-game. The rules are the same as from the Rec Room, only this time you will try to reach a score of 100 using three darts. The solution can be found below.

  1. Place the first dart on the green 13.
  2. Place the second dart on the blue 14.
  3. Place the third dart on the red 11.

Doing this will open the cover on the green memory card, allowing you to add it to your inventory.

Hexagon Puzzle

The hexagon puzzle is similar to the one found in the Security Room. Your goal is the same as the first time, to change the colors of the hexagons and triangles so they match the desired outcome; in this case, you must turn them all pink. To do this, press the two pink triangles on the bottom row, then press the two green hexagons on the middle row, followed by the green hexagon on the top row.

Solving this puzzle will open the hexagon shelf, granting you access to the red memory card and a binder with instructions for the Q chamber's AB game, which will be added to your archive.

AB Game

After you get the blue, green, and red memory cards, put them into the machine next to the bookshelf. Doing this will allow you to begin the final mini-game, in which you will play a modified version of the AB game.

Using the note you received from the hexagon puzzle, you will learn that your first goal in this puzzle is to have six players reach at least nine points. You will have three rounds to get the desired outcome. The note also explains that three people will always choose ally, three will always choose betray, and one will always mirror his opponent. After playing a few rounds, you can determine which vote each player will cast.

  • Players A and E will always choose betray
  • Players B and D will always choose ally
  • Player C will always copy his opponent

To solve this puzzle, simply place US vs. C, B vs. D, and A vs. E, then vote ally every round. Player C will mirror your vote, and B and D will always ally, meaning you will get six players to nine points by voting ally for three rounds.

Doing this will turn the screen green, revealing the Green Safe Password. Put this into the safe to escape Q. Now, sit back and play through the rest of the story. While you may have finished escaping, the mystery still remains.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File, refer to the second goal on the AB game note. It reads "We must be the only ones to surpass 9", meaning only US can get to nine points, while all other players must remain below nine.

The players that always vote certain ways will remain the same. To get this outcome, follow the steps below.

  1. Round 1: US vs. D, A vs. C, B vs. E, vote betray.
  2. Rounds 2 and 3: US vs. C, A vs. E, B vs. D, vote ally.

This selection will leave you with nine points, and all other players will have below nine. There are other solutions for this puzzle, so play around with different options if you want.

After solving the AB game, the screen will turn blue and display the Blue Safe Password. Put this into the safe to receive the Gold File.

After The Escape

After escaping Q, there is still one more puzzle to solve in this room. Just as you are about to leave, you notice a sound coming from the projection device, prompting you to enter an ID and PASS. You should have learned these by now in previous timelines, but in case you've forgotten, we've listed both below.


Enter both of these to continue towards the True Ending of the game.

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