VR Battle Royale Virtual Battlegrounds Hits Next Week, Open Beta Soon

It’s taken a year longer than expected, but promising VR battle royale game, Virtual Battlegrounds, is very nearly here.

The game finally arrives in Steam Early Access on April 8th. Developer CyberDream had originally planned to release the game in March of 2019 but continued to delay the game over the course of the past year to patch up certain issues. Beta testing has been underway since last year.

Virtual Battlegrounds essentially wants to offer VR its own alternative to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Taking a realistic modern combat approach, the game pits scores of players in huge online battles to be the last man standing in a man with an ever-shrinking safe zone. So, yes, it’s basically a battle royale game… in VR! Check out the refreshed trailer for the game below.

CyberDreams is kitting the game out with solo, squad and custom lobby types, with six training modes to boot. Following the delay, the team assures that its “rebuilt large parts of the world” to get things running smoothly. If you want to see how the game is shaping up, the developer says an open beta is on the way later this week, so look out for that.

The game will launch in Early Access, where the team intends to stay for at least six to twelve months. Over the course of that time the studio will add more modes and weapons as it clamps down on bugs.

The game will support all PC-based VR headsets via SteamVR at launch and cost $20.

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