Warframe character Lotus gets Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit this week

Free-to-play looter shooter Warframe is now a part of Smash Bros., but the chances of a playable character seem remote.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s goal to reference every game ever made continues apace, with a new batch of spirits that includes an unexpected new third party title.

The Japanese Twitter account for the game has announced a new batch of spirits themed around the colour black, which includes a couple of new Game & Watch references, Zekrom from Pokémon, and… Lotus from Warframe.

Lotus is a two-star Advanced spirit (so not that hard to beat) who’ll be represented in the fight to get her by Bayonetta. She’s also enhanceable, and although it’s not yet known into what it’s fairly easy to guess if you know Warframe.

Spirits are collectable power-ups, roughly equivalent to trophies from previous Smash Bros. games. They’re only represented by 2D artwork from their respective games but are used to reference more obscure games and characters that don’t appear during gameplay.

Spirits are split into primary and support types, with the former improving your fighter’s attack and defence stats, while support types offer special abilities that can range from immunity to lava to starting the match with a specific weapon.

Lotus is a Primary spirit, with three slots to attach support spirits. She’ll only be able to fight and collect between Friday, 28 February and 4 March though.

Warframe is one of the most popular free-to-play games on the Switch and has been available since 2018. It now becomes one of very few Western-made games to be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is almost entirely populated by Japanese-made titles.

A game being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirt is no indication that characters will later be added as either support characters or playable fighters, in fact it’s generally taken as an indication of the opposite.

The only possible exception is Resident Evil, which had four spirits added for only a limited time last year, and probably still has a reasonable of chance of getting a rep in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

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