Warzone: How To Cancel The Gas Mask Animation

There’s nothing worse than being stuck right on the edge of the gas in a game of Warzone only to get caught in the lengthy gas mask animation at a critical moment and dying. Our guide can show you a sneaky way to bypass this animation and keep on fighting.

The gas mask is a great item to find in theory, protecting you from the continuous damage of Warzone’s gas for a limited time. You can use this to flank enemies from angles they wouldn’t expect, or just to save your own life when you were just a little late moving in to the next circle. It can also end up getting you killed if you’re in the middle of, or about to start a firefight when the gas trips your character into putting their gun down to pull the gas mask on or off. That’s where this new trick, tweeted out by FaZe Pamaj, comes into play. Here’s how it works.

How To Bypass The Gas Mask Animation In Warzone

This trick is dependent on you having one other item in your kit, aside from the gas mask of course, to work. You need a Heartbeat Sensor either as part of your loadout, found in the tactical section when you’re building a class, or found on the map. Normally this is just used to scout out any nearby enemies who don’t have the Ghost perk, but used correctly can cancel out the lengthy gas mask animation.

By simply holding the Heartbeat Sensor active just before, or during, the time your character would normally start the gas mask animation, you will instead skip it entirely. While you are still more vulnerable while holding the sensor out than a gun, the animation time to put it away is far faster than the gas mask’s, and you are free to swap out when you decide. The best part it it seems to still apply the effect of the gas mask even when you cancel the animation for putting it on.

Just make sure to be careful of moving in and out of the gas if you’re right on the line, because each time you cross will trigger an animation you will have to cancel unless you’re continuously holding out the Heartbeat Sensor.

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