Warzone: Infinity Ward Rolls Out Update To Fix Gas Survival Exploit

It’s only been available for a few days, but players have already found a game-breaking exploit in Call of Duty: Warzone. Apparently, teammates could continually revive their fallen allies inside the gas ring long enough to win an entire match. Infinity Ward has responded quickly, however, issuing a playlist update that has taken care of the issue.

Since the announcement was made on Twitter, fans were quick to jump in and voice their opinions on the matter. Most people were asking for new game modes — such as Solos or Duos — but we would argue that making sure the game is free of bugs is a more concern. Warzone is clearly popular, pulling in over six million players on launch day, but that also means gamers are going to uncover plenty more exploits in the coming weeks. Ensuring the game runs as planned should be a priority before adding more multiplayer modes.

We’ve already several other issues with Warzone such as random crashes, odd “Dev Errors” on PC, player animations not loading properly, and numerous other graphical glitches. It comes with the territory of launching a new game, but it’s great to see Infinity Ward stepping in and patching out the problems.

The “gas ring glitch” is one of the more troubling issues, as it allowed a single squad to ruin a match for the 147 other competitors. Since this exploit let teams continually revive their fallen allies in the poisonous gas, it gave people little incentive to play the game as it was intended. Instead of hunting for better equipment, keeping an eye out for enemies, and finding a secure location to lay low, they could instead just run out into the poison and win the match.

Infinity Ward has addressed the problem by nerfing how much health is regenerated after being downed in the gas ring. This makes it impossible to use the exploit, forcing people to — well, actually play the game. We doubt this will be the last game-breaking bug found in Warzone, but it’s always great to see a swift response from developers.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game features crossplay, allowing you to partner up with friends across all three devices.

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