Warzone Player Catches Hacker That Can Auto Ping The Entire Lobby

Hackers are nothing new to Warzone, having seen its fair share of exploits and bugs since launching in 2020. However, this auto-pinging, night-vision goggle-wearing hacker is – unfortunately – taking things to a new level.

Posted to Twitter by Twitch Partner, Yungstaz, the clip shows off 30-seconds of the hack in action. Other players in the lobby are at turns upset and excited at the “next-level” hack, before meeting up with the hacker to chat after the game.

When asked how long he’s had his account, the hacker replies, “Five months.” The lobby pushes him further, asking if he’s been hacking on the account for five months, to which the hacker simply replies, “Yes.” They also claim to not pay for their hacks, meaning they’re likely building their own from scratch.

The hacker then goes on to rapidly change their in-game name, finally settling on the moniker “$19 fortnite card.”

You can check out the hacks in the video below:

Warzone isn’t the most polished battle royale game on the market, suffering from a litany of bugs and exploits on a regular basis. In fact, right before this auto-pinging hack was brought to light, players had noticed a rooftop glitch that took wall glitching to new heights – literally.

The game has also seen issues with an invisibility bug, infinite stim bugs, and teleporting. Raven Software is doing what it can to patch out the problems, but it often seems like the hacking community is always one step ahead.

For now, the best you can do is report anyone who is using these hacks in-game. The developer is likely aware of the issue – although it might have other tasks at the top of its To-Do list.

Warzone is expected to be nuked on April 21, bringing with it a new map set in the 1980s – one that would better tie in with Black Ops Cold War. The news is yet to be made official, although we won’t have to wait long to find out if it’s true.

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