Warzone update patch notes – Season 6 weapon balance changes and ranked

Call of Duty Warzone fans can download a brand new update on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The October 11 Call of Duty Warzone update makes a ton of balance changes and gameplay fixes, particularly tweaking the usefulness of certain weapons. That’s on top of a selection of bug fixes, plus some tweaks to Ranked Play, which should be more stable.

In terms of weaponry, Activision has made changes to Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns.

For example, close damage range has decreased for the Kastov 762, while neck Damage Multiplier and Upper Torso Damage Multipliers have increased.

It’s better news for fans of the MX9, which has increased close-mid damage and increased Neck damage.

Elsewhere, Activision has tweaked the Gaia Operator Nova Skin, adding VFX to the base skin that reflects the same level of visibility as BlackCell skin. That’s on top of improved visibility compensation.

You can check out the full Call of Duty Warzone patch notes for October 11 below…

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• Gaia (Operator Nova Skin)

• Added VFX to base skin that reflects the same level of visibility as BlackCell skin

• Improved visibility compensation


• Fixed an issue that could kick Players back to the main menu when viewing some Finishing Moves selections

• Fixed an issue that could display incorrect unlock criteria for some Finishing Moves

• Fixed an issue where a random Spawn skin could be equipped in the Operators tab after the Player selects one of the Spawn skins in the Showcase tab

• Fixed an issue where selected Operator Finishing Moves could become reset



Assault Rifles…

Kastov 545

• Mid Damage increased

Kastov 762

• Close Damage Range decreased

• Mid Damage decreased

• Neck Damage Multiplier increased

• Upper Torso Damage Multiplier increased


• Close Damage Range increased

• Close-mid Damage Range increased


• Close Damage increased

• Close-mid Damage increased

• Head Damage Multiplier decreased

• Neck Damage Multiplier increased

• Upper Torso Damage Multiplier increased


• Close Damage Range decreased

TR-76 Geist

• Close Damage decreased

• Neck Damage Multiplier decreased

• Upper Torso Damage Multiplier decreased


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Submachine Guns…

ISO 9mm

• Far Damage decreased

Lachmann Sub

• Close Damage decreased

• Head Damage Multiplier increased

• Neck Damage Multiplier increased

Lachmann Shroud

• Burst-fire Neck Damage Multiplier decreased

• Burst-fire Upper Torso Damage Multiplier decreased


• Close-mid Damage Range increased


• Close-mid Damage increased

• Close-mid Damage Range decreased

• Neck Damage Multiplier increased


• Lockwood 300

• Maelstrom Dual Trigger

• Close Damage Range decreased

• Close-mid Damage Range decreased


• Closed a SR exploit (Alt+F4).

• We’ll continue to monitor Warzone Ranked Play to maintain integrity and stability.


• Fixed an issue that could prevent Players from changing/customizing Operators in DMZ when using a controller

• Fixed an issue where equipping a new Finishing Move does not replace a previously equipped Finishing Move in DMZ

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