Watch Keanu Reeves Bring Johnny Silverhand To Life In With Motion Capture

Cyberpunk 2077’s release may have been tainted with bugs, but at least Keanu Reeves is on hand to turn those frowns upside down. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the actor becoming Johnny Silverhand through motion capture.

Posted on the official Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube page, Reeves can be seen slipping into his Rockerboy alter ego behind the studio microphone. The 56-year-old actor commented on his previous voice-over work for a cartoon and various documentaries, however he admitted that he had never done this much voice work before. Reeves took a particular shine to acting out three different variants of a situation, based on the player’s decision. “Johnny is either a dick, or he’s happy, or he’s trying to convince,” Reeves said jovially.

The video then progressed to Reeves’ time in the motion capture studio. The actor is no stranger to this side of technology, having worked with it rigorously while filming The Matrix movie trilogy. Reeves expressed his familiarity with the tech – allowing him to really focus on embodying Silverhand – however the only thing he was surprised at was how quickly it took to render a real-time review. Reeves stated how comfortable he was with the process of collecting facial expressions and mannerisms for Silverhand, to establish a character library.

The actor then touched on Silverhand’s layered past, from Rockerboy to the military, while trying to survive in Night City. He also commented on the character’s sense of humor, which he admitted was “a little dark” at times. Reeves successfully managed to convey Silverhand’s “appetite for life,” by bringing his own charisma and passion to the set. Reeves concluded the short by expressing the sense of freedom threaded throughout the game – offering a labyrinth of paths for you to choose from in order to discover who your character is and what they stand for.

CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński recently disclosed that Keanu Reeves had played Cyberpunk 2077 and that he loved it. Kiciński also mentioned the actor had not yet completed the game, but the idea of Reeves attacking Night City with Johnny Silverhand might be the best (if not the only) account of video game inception to date.

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