We Can’t Get Ogre This Shrek Mod For Stray

Stray mods are usually pretty cute – people have been adding their own pets, other breeds, and even dogs. You know, wholesome fluff. But then there's CJ stretched over a cat's skeleton, Garfield, and now, Shrek, morphing this charming little game into nightmare fuel.

"Only this summer," the mod trailer opens (thanks, PCGamesN). "The great power awaits. Play as Shrek. Return to the swamp. Be love. Be Life." All the while, clips of a cat-like Shrek play. We can see him sleeping, wandering around the cyberpunk dystopia, lazing about in the street as his tube-y ears perk up, and even driving a little car.

The mod is called "Be Shrek Be Love", adding not only a new 3D model but textures and sounds. Yep, sounds. He'll say lines from the film, so rather than hearing an adorable little meow, you'll get a bit of Mike Myers dialogue. You can see it in action in the trailer below and, if you're into it, you can download it right now and get stuck into Stray's world as Shrek himself.

If Shrek somehow isn't tickling you, even with those fluttering tube ears, then there's always Marie the Aristocat. This one is a little more on the theme, rather than sticking a big grubby ogre in the game, awkwardly stretched over a cat's body. Though it could be worse – we could be playing as Donkey right now.

Marie isn't as realistic as Stray's base cats, given that they're ripped right from an animated film, but they are certainly cuter than Shrek and CJ. But if you'd rather stick with the vanilla cat, you can forgo cat mods altogether and try out local co-op with a new PC mod. Or put the two together and play as Shrek with a friend – two Shreks! Double the fun.

Or double the horror. Either way, it might be a bit less scary if you have someone to play it with. The two of you can dodder about, spamming Mike Myers lines as you venture into this intriguing world of robots, cats, and cyberpunk monsters.

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