"We’re Not Here Just To Localise The Game And Call It A Day," World War 3 Gets Specialist Regional Publisher For Open Beta

Tactical multiplayer FPS, World War 3, has picked up specialist publisher The 4 Winds to ensure high quality localisation in the MENA and Turkey regions. The shooter will also move out of closed beta and transition to a free-to-play open beta in March. Nazih Fares, head of communications and localisation gave additional comments to TheGamer.

"We're not here just to localise the game and call it a day," Fares tells TheGamer. "We wanted to make sure that from the start the game would be culturally sensitive for all the major cultures around the world."

The 4 Winds is made up of industry veterans from Blizzard and other large companies. They wanted to ensure that not only were "text and UI implementations [made] to fit the Arabic world," but that extra steps were taken, such as creating a dedicated Arabic font, "This aggressive, World War 3 themed one, which is really beautiful to look," so as to keep the tone of the game consistent with the English version.

World War 3 will also feature localised voice-over for the soldiers that goes beyond just translating the English VO. Expect to hear "something that actually would be said by an Arabic soldier during warfare, and not the typical Hollywood style of American soldier chatter," Fares says. "Instead, we took an approach of something that is closer to what you would expect from these nations. Even swearing. [We] took a fun and creative approach to swearing in-game."

Developer The Farm 51 has been dedicated to realism and accuracy since the start of building the game. "They're quite hardcore in terms of quality of production," Fares says. "A lot of their in-game rendering is done with drone footage and AR capturing. Locations in the game have been practically captured as is in reality. When you go to the Moscow map, you will see the Kremlin, the Red Square in roughly the same ratio as it is in Moscow."

On top of design variations, there will also be local server support, so that players in MENA and Turkey won't have to deal with high ping and lag connecting to servers in Europe. World War 3 is promising both realism and cultural sensitivity, as well as frenetic and intense gameplay – once it's in open beta we can see if it delivers.

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