What Is Low Profile In Apex Legends, And Why Is It Being Removed In Season 9?

Apex Legends is due to undergo some huge changes, not just to the maps and modes, but to the Legends and weapons too. Pretty much every aspect of the game is going to get a minor tweak, so you best be ready to switch up your strategies accordingly.

Low Profile is one of the bigger changes to Apex Legends. The attribute has been given to several Legends over the course of the game, but it is being entirely removed in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy.

If you don’t know what Low Profile is, that’s fine, and perfectly understandable. Low Profile has always been an understated part of the game, and unless you’re analysing the stats you might not even know it exists. In this guide we’re going to explain what Low Profile is, and what it means for it to be removed in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy.

What Is Low Profile In Apex Legends?

Low Profile was a Perk that was added to certain Legends, though it wasn’t a positive one. When the game first launched Low Profile didn’t exist, but players complained about the hurtbox discrepancy between large Legends like Caustic and Gibraltar, against small Legends like Wraith and Lifeline.

To balance things out between the differently sized Legends Respawn introduced two Perks, Fortified and Low Profile. Fortified was there to buff larger Legends, and as such Caustic and Gibraltar took 15% less damage than other Legends. Low Profile was the inverse, and actually increased all incoming damage by 5% for small Legends, in addition to leg shots doing the same damage as body shots. The following Legends have all had Low Profile at some point.

  • Pathfinder
  • Lifeline
  • Wraith
  • Wattson

Low Profile was essentially being used as a cheap way to balance differently sized hitboxes and animations, and the team are officially moving past Low Profile as of the new season. Now the Legends listed above will take the exact same damage as other non-Low Profile Legends – though it seems Fortified will still be present in the game.

Why Has Low Profile Been Removed In Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy?

Low Profile is officially gone as of May 4, the release of the new season, and honestly? It will not be missed. Low Profile, as I said, was a fairly cheap way to balance the different Legends, while the balance changes really should’ve focused on their abilities.

If you’re a truly good shot with laser precision, then coming up against a Legend with Low Profile is a relief, when it should mean they’re hard to hit. This kind of damage balance just doesn’t scale well into high-level play.

As a result, Low Profile is out, and we know that Legends like Lifeline are having considerable balance changes, as the Respawn team outlined in our interview. There are also some other fairly massive changes happening, including basic white equipment being removed from the loot pool, as you will instead drop into the game with that gear in advance.

But the biggest and most interesting new addition just might be the upcoming Valkyrie, who you can read all about in our preview of Season 9: Legacy.

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