Where To Find All The Lucky Dice In Crackmast Cove In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is a fantasy video game inspired by the classic tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. It's got all the hallmarks, including unique classes, magic, dragons, and more!

Being a video game, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands even includes D&D-themed collectibles! One such example is the Lucky Dice – items you can find in-game that give a permanent boost to the quality of loot you pick up. In this article, we detail all the Lucky Dice that can be found in the Crackmast Cove!

1 – Chasing Waterfalls

Right after entering this map, there's one Lucky Die tempting you up on a ledge, next to a waterfall.

Unfortunately, you can't catch the ledge by jumping from the main boardwalk. Instead, jump onto the beams of the nearby wooden platform and jump from there onto the ledge!

2 – Back Porch

Right after grabbing the previous Die, exit the entrance path and head for the building to your left. The Lucky Die is there on the wooden porch.

3 – Keep An Eye Out With Otto

One Lucky Die is found in the rocky, lush area under the pirate haven up above. If you do the side quest 'In The Belly Is A Beast,' you'll run right past it while you're collecting puppet pieces.

The image above should give you an extra clear sense of where it is vertically.

4 – Dead-End

This Lucky Die is found on a dead-end path in the lower level of the map. It's right next to that enormous beached whale!

5 – Out With The Trash

One Lucky Die is on another porch of a house near the sea. It's not far from the home of Auntie Anchor, who you help during the side quest 'A Walk To Dismember.'

6 – Party Leftovers

A Lucky Die is underneath a little hut decorated with triangle banners. To get access to this area, you'll need to progress in the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil.' It's found right before you enter Phil's cave while you're looking for his Certificate of Non-Evilness.

7 – Certificate Reward

After finding the Certificate of Non-Evilness for Phil, keep an eye out as you leave his cave; the Lucky Die is next to a cannon. As with the previous one, you need to progress in the quest before you can reach the Die.

8 – Hidden In Ivy

Again, you'll need to progress in the side-quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil' to reach this part of the map. As you go, keep an eye out – and an ear, for their distinctive sound – for a Lucky Die! It'll be above you on a wooden platform.

As with the first Die, you'll need to use the attached beams to reach the platform.

9 – Camping Out

You already know what we're gonna say, right? You need to progress through part of the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil' to reach this area. When you push through some paths to reach the pirate town, keep an eye out for a tent with this Lucky Die hidden behind it.

10 – In The Shade

When you work through the quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil' and pass the Fast-Travel point and vending machines, keep an eye out amid the upcoming buildings. This Lucky Die is found on a rooftop porch.

11 – Hidden In Plain Sight

When you gain access to this region during the 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil,' you'll be hunting down and destroying Phil's totems. Look around all the corners, because this Lucky Die is just sitting out in the open.

12 – The Witch Doctor's Loot

To gain access to this cliff-side house, you need to progress in the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil.' However, you'll also come here when looking for the Witch Doctor during the side quest 'The Wandering Eye.' The Lucky Die is on the far side of the house, behind a few breakable crates.

13 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Die

This Lucky Die is hiding in a sewer, past a grate, tempting you with its shininess. You'll see it in an area reached by progressing in the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil.'

To get into the tunnel, you'll need to find a low platform on the edge of the town and melee your way through the wooden boards.

14 – House-Top Wreckage

One Lucky Die is inside the wreckage of a pirate ship, mounted on top of a pirate building. Like the last few Lucky Dice, you need to progress in the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil' before you'll be able to access this area.

To get to it, cross the bridge and turn around. There's a ladder that leads you up and into the wreckage.

15 – Near Phil's Box

During the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil,' you'll travel through pirate towns destroying Phil's totems and fighting off enemies. Eventually, you'll reach the box where they were keeping Phil, and find he's no longer inside it. The Lucky Die is right next to you, in the corner overlooking the water.

16 – Jailbreak

Once you blow your way into the jail during the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil,' you'll be able to reach this Lucky Die. It's around the other side of the building right after you go through the hole you created.

17 – A Mossy Escape

This one is just out in the open on top of a ruined building (so you can get it whenever you want) but you'll pass through this area during the 'A Wandering Aye' side quest.

18 – A Whale Of A View

There are two ways to reach this Lucky Die:

  1. Progress through the side quest 'The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil' and drop onto this ledge from above.
  2. Progress through the side quest 'A Wandering Aye' and reach it by going through the tunnels.

19 – The Troll Die Under The Bridge

You can only access the area where this Die is found by progressing through the side quest 'All Swashed Up.' While solving Rude Alex's murder, you'll travel through a sewer tunnel and then drop into an area with a waterfall and a bridge. Grab the Lucky Die!

20 – Better Than A Clue

This Lucky Die was also found while working through the 'All Swashed Up' side quest.

While searching the warehouse for clues, looking for a couple of wooden platforms to climb up. The Lucky Die is at the top!

21 – Out For A Walk

There's another Lucky Die on the beach near Auntie Anchor's house (where you go for the side quest 'A Walk To Dismember'). It's in a shipwreck, with a couple crates scattered about.

22 – On The Docks

The final Lucky Die is easy to track down! It's just on a dock on the far side of the map, underneath the path to the pirate courthouse.

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