Where To Find Rare Temtem On Deniz

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While some Tamers will dive into Temtem's complex battle systems and stat training, others will want to start off their journey with the rarest Tems. On just the first island, Deniz, there are a few rare Temtems you should keep your eye out for as you explore and complete story quests.

A few of the Temtems you can find on the first island are incredibly powerful, and are strong enough to remain a staple in your squad for the remainder of the main story. Let's take a look at a few rare Temtems you can find at the start of the game.

Updated September 27, 2022 by Jacob Whaling: Temtem has officially launched with the release of patch 1.0, so we've updated this guide with new information on some of the more rare Temtems you can find on the first island to help give you a boost as you explore the Airborne Archipelago.


Platypet is a Water and Toxic-type Temtem that has a high focus on Special Attack and Speed stats, as well as techniques that can poison the enemy. With its unique typing, Platypet has a good range of offensive advantages, and will serve you well through the first island and beyond.

Platypet can only be found in the Gifted Bridges area of Deniz, in the square and long vertical patches of grass. Platypet doesn't have the lowest encounter rate, but you may need to run around for a bit in these patches of grass before you find one.


Kaku is a small Nature-type Temtem that can evolve into Saku, gaining the Wind-type and access to a strong and diverse range of techniques, including a few Toxic-type attacks. Kaku evolves into Saku after leveling it up 13 times.

Kaku can be found in the Prasine Coast, Thalassian Cliffs, and Gifted Bridges areas of Deniz, but most early in the third area of grass in the Prasine Coast. Here, it has a relatively high encounter rate, but you may want to tame a few to experiment with different traits.


Barnshe is a Wind and Mental-type Temtem that has high Special Attack and Special Defense stats. With these stats, you can choose to use Barnshe as a high-damage Special Attacker, or a defensive supporter through techniques like Bamboozle and Intimidation. The trait your Barnshe has will also play into these two roles, with Neutrality being great for a support role and Air Specialist being perfect for a Wind-focused attacking play style.

Barnshe can only be found on Deniz on the top floor of the Windward Fort. While Barnshe does evolve from Towly, you won't actually be able to catch Towly until much later in the game, making Barnshe a strong option for the first few islands.


Nessla is a Water and Electric-type Temtem that looks like a large, light-blue eel with yellow scales covering the lower half of its body. Nessla has high Attack, Special Attack, and Special Defense stats, and, with powerful end-game techniques like Iced Stalactite and Electric Storm, there is no doubt that Nessla will be a great addition to any roster.

Nessla can be found in the Thalassian Cliffs, in the small pond next to the house of the NPC that gives you the StickTem Album. You'll need to beat the first Dojo to unlock the Surfboard before you can access this area, but back-tracking here to find Nessla will be well worth it.


Oceara is a pure Water-type Temtem. This majestic water horse is one of the strongest Temtems that you can find on the first island, and will prove its usefulness throughout the main story of the game. This Tem has the highest base Special Attack in the game, and has an equally as impressive Speed stat. Taming an Oceara early on will be worth the time it takes to find one.

That said, Oceara can be difficult to find, as it is quite rare. Oceara can only be found in the Aguamarina Caves, which can be accessed as soon as you get the Surfboard. To find Oceara, head to the back of the caves, to the area with a small pond and waterfall. If you see NPCs talking about the Sea Queen, you're in the right place. Oceara has a very lower encounter rate, so it may take a while of surfing around in this area before you find yours.

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