Where To Find The Diving Goggles For The Abyssal Dive Achievement In Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons

Diving Goggles have been a fun feature in Guild Wars 2 since the start – they're found in high places all over Tyria, so you can put them on and do a dive into the water (and maybe even a spin, if you're really brave).

The third expansion to the game, End of Dragons, was no exception. There are four achievements for finding the Diving Goggles on all four of the maps in Cantha! Today, we're covering the ones that are found in New Kaineng City.

Where To Find The Diving Goggles

Hint: "Use the diving goggles near a hidden Aetherblade camp."

The Diving Goggles you need to reach to earn the 'Abyssal Dive' achievement are found in Old Kaineng – the water-clogged ruins of what used to be the city. The hint would only lead you here if you knew there were Aetherblade forces hiding out in Old Kaineng. Not all of us are so observant. …or have such a good memory.

How To Reach The Diving Goggles

Getting to these Diving Goggles is relatively easy, compared to what you need to do to get to the ones in Echovald. Start by taking a Skimmer or a Skiff through the water to the far northeast corner of the map! Stop right under where we've marked the Diving Goggles on the map above, and take the stairs up.

Next, you'll cross the rickety rope bridge at the top, not worrying at all about whether or not it might break and drop you into the water below.

Once all that's done, you can just turn right, grab the Goggles, and jump! You can do a spin or not – your call – but either way, you'll get the achievement when you hit the water below.

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