Whispering Hills Mod Brings Silent Hill To Fallout 4

Imagine how utterly fantastic and terrifying it would be to play through Silent Hill in first-person. Well, if you have Fallout 4, you no longer have to imagine that, thanks to the Whispering Hills mod. Whispering Hills Episode 1 was recently released, updating the mod with a new questline featuring the new town of Whispering Hills, and accompanied by a new creepy trailer.

The Whispering Hills update is a major update to the mod, bringing it up to version 4.01.7, which adds a new title screen movie, UI sound, typo corrections, and other fixes. The bulk of the update introduces the first part of the town of Whispering Hills featuring “a small part of the town with the rebuild Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill 1”. Numerous music and SFX files were also added and improved, a full voice-acted NPC has been included, and the Puppet Nurses were completely overhauled (but are still not 100% perfect), as well as countless small fixes and tweaks “to everything under the hood like Weathers and scripts.” The mod also introduces a new Hell dimension and enemy.

ICYMI, the Whispering Hills mod was originally released back in October 2019, and “turns Fallout 4 into a Silent Hill like Nightmare with Sirenhead and PyramidHead too.” This complete Fallout 4 overhaul blankets the Commonwealth in a thick, heavy fog, where the sights, sounds, and many of the Silent Hill creatures you know and love to hate (Siren Head, Mumblers, Lying Figures, Ghouls, Nurses, Twin-head Screamers, and Dogs) surround and taunt you just out of sight. The ongoing mod project has modder Mangaclub and their team painstakingly recreating the town of Centralia, PA, the town that inspired the fictional Silent Hill for both the games and the movies.

According to the Whispering Hills summary notes, the mod will occasionally turn day into night, at which time you’ll be dragged into the Silent Hill ‘Otherworld’, where you will “face your deepest Fears as Monsters attack you constantly.” By default, you’ll only be in this foggy hellscape for a few minutes, but Mangaclub states “you better be prepared!” You also seem to have some amount of control you can employ by crafting a Control Holotape at any Chemical station. The holotape will give you control over how often the Otherworld appears, the degree of chance for Otherworld monsters to attack you, and many more gameplay aspects.

You can download the Whispering Hills Episode 1 mod from Nexus Mods, ModDB, and your Xbox mods menu.

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