Why Konami still needs to remake Metal Gear Solid – Reader’s Feature

A reader restates his opinion that the original Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation needs a remake or remaster as soon as possible.

A while back I wrote a Reader’s Feature on why Konami needs to remake Metal Gear Solid, as well as another feature as to what I’d like to see Konami do to make this happen. In this feature I would like to clarify further and produce examples demonstrating just how a remake of Metal Gear Solid can work and how it can still hold up to players old and new.

The first example I would like to show uses the capabilities of the Dolphin emulator for PC, this shows that a remaster would look amazing even with current generation graphics. The following video uploaded by blondbassist via YouTube, shows a clear example of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes running on the Dolphin Emulator at 60 fps and 1080p. It looks gorgeous and shows how even an old game can look great and play fantastic by today’s standards. This also shows that there is still support for a remaster to happen and that fans really would like to see this.

The next example I would like to present uses the Unreal 4 engine. The fan remake was shut down but it did show that fans still wanted this classic remade. Just take a look at the following example and see for yourself.

Another example, demonstrating beyond reasonable doubt that a Metal Gear Solid remake needs to happen is demonstrated via the PlayStation 3’s Metal Gear Solid 4, which saw the base from the first PlayStation Metal Gear Solid game reappear in the fourth act, updated with newer graphics and a new engine.

With these multiple examples and constant demands for fans to be given a fully remastered version of Shadow Moses I will always believe a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid game on PlayStation is possible in the future. It is a proven fact that with next generation hardware comes more resources and advancements, allowing games to be able to do things previous consoles could not.

So for a Metal Gear Solid remake what are the possible options that Konami could use? The Twin Snakes for the GameCube allowed the Metal Gear Solid 2 engine to be used to recreate the first PlayStation game. However, this was exclusive to the GameCube and now that we are in a much newer generation, with an even newer one due soon, I would love to see Konami port Twin Snakes over to newer generation systems with updated visuals.

While Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, those who played this game may remember that Act 4 felt like you had rushed through it and really didn’t get to fully explore the base with its updated visuals. I would love to see major changes made to Act 4, as well as additional storylines added to other acts. In Act 4 I would love to see the other areas of the base, as well as the game’s bosses all transferred to Act 4 to ensure a true nostalgia experience.

For example, Laughing Octopus would be placed on one of the tank hangar floors, where you met Decoy Octopus. Next would be Raging Raven, who you would fight twice: once outside where the minefield was and again in the underground warehouse later on for a real nostalgia experience. Next, as you progress you would face off against Screaming Mantis and after that, as you once again explore the commander’s office and go past the caves, you would face Crying Wolf.

This would allow players to relive the original Metal Gear Solid 1 base but with different opponents from the first Metal Gear game on PlayStation. Because extra areas of the base could be explored, and the story tweaked, it would give players something extra from the PlayStation 3 version and would help to make Act 4 better than it was in the original version.

A remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game with newer actors would also be ideal. Kiefer Sutherland could return as Solid Snake, as well as other popular actors to do the voices for the bosses and main characters. Also, with next generation hardware there could be newer areas added to ensure the reboot provides a fresh new look, maybe including an online mode and various game types not available in the original.

Additional weapons could also be added, and perhaps additional codec characters can be added to ensure a newer experience. A clear example of how this would work is the Unreal 4 Engine fan project, which shows that even with a little bit of time and patience a remake can look great and entertain.

By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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