Wiglett Already Has Tons Of Adorable Fan Art

Earlier this week, much to the delight of Pokemon fans, Nintendo showed off a new 'mon called Wiglett, which is definitely a completely new Pokemon and not just a white Diglett. While we don't know the creature's type, stats, or what the evolution will look like, it has been confirmed that Wiglett is not the Paldean form of Diglett as it initially appeared.

Just like Lechonk and Fidough before it, Wiglett is a big hit and has already inspired countless fans to create a piles of art. There's your standard yet adorable portraits of Wiglett, shared by Twitter users such as Advos and Xaratini. Then you have people who have already turned Wiglett into something else, such as PepperTroopa's version of the little worm who thinks it looks like an enemy from Yoshi's Island. Another Twitter user called Xenothekid was reminded of a Wiggler from the Mario games and has drawn Wiglett in the same style.

If you're not impressed by digital recreations of Wiglett, then perhaps a physical piece of fan art is more your thing. In steps Twitter user Arpricott who must have worked extremely fast in order to create their amazing crocheted Wiglett with rosy cheeks, complete with a little slab of wood that he's popping out of.

Then you have the more chaotic Pokemon fans that are more interested in what Wiglett looks like underneath the ground. For example, you have Twitter user Nucleose who drew themselves yanking poor little Wiglett out of the ground, while user Arvalis explains that they were reminded of the infamous and very phallic Monster Hunter creature Khezu and drew his body accordingly.

It won't be that long before we get to catch our very own Wigletts, as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are both still expected to launch on November 18 later this year

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