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The Wizard is the mage class in Dark And Darker. Wielding either a Staff or a Spell Book, the Wizard can deal massive damage while also providing buffs for their team. Much like the Ranger, the Wizard is a glass cannon, but that damage output (especially the fireballs) make the class a lot of fun to play.

This guide covers the best Wizard builds for new players, some ideas for max level characters, as well as an overview of perks, abilities, and some gameplay tips.

This guide was written based on information in the December 2022 playtest 3 for the game. We will update this guide for future playtests and the final release of the game.

Wizard Class Overview

The Wizard is a powerful class in Dark And Darker, viable in solo and group gameplay. You'll find there are a lot of different ways to play the Wizard depending on your spell, perk, and ability set-up.

  • Pros
    • Lots of powerful spells
    • Some buffs for party members
    • Ranged magic & Haste are both very strong
    • Has the ability to meditate to regenerate spells mid-run, unlike the Cleric
  • Cons
    • Squishy, low health pool
    • Slow interact and movement speed
    • Let's take a look at the Wizard's perks and abilities.

      Wizard Perks And Abilities


      Arcane Specialization

      With each time you cast a spell, you get a small 1% damage boost and casting speed (stacks up to 5)

      Arcane Mastery

      More damage (5%) and faster casting speed (1 second faster)

      Fire Mastery

      5% extra fire damage and burn lasts longer (2.5s)

      Ice Shield

      Overall armor rating is improved to 20, anyone who hits you gets inflicted with the Frostbite melee debuff (reduced armor, slow movement)

      Mana Surge

      Improves magic damage bonus for a short window


      Fire spells and damage when hitting an enemy also reduce their physical damage protection by 10% for a short time

      Quick Chant

      Spells cast 20% faster

      Reactive Shield

      Creates a shield that will absorb 10 damage that lasts for 10 s, will only activate when you get hit, has a short cooldown period


      Improves your knowledge by 10%


      Intense Focus

      The next spell you use only takes 0.1 seconds to cast


      Restore spell usage (40 spell cost replenished over 10 seconds)

      Spell Memory 1/2

      You need these to be able to use spells on your run, choose one for one spell wheel, choose two for two spell wheels

      In Dark And Darker, you are able to take any perk and ability you want, but you unlock new perks at different levels. You get one free perk at level 0, then the following perks are unlocked at level 5, 10, and 15.

      Starter Wizard Perks And Abilities

      At level 0, you can only pick up one perk, and we think that Quick Chant is just the go-to. Spells are the best part of the Wizard's gameplay and being able to cast them 20% faster is excellent for tight situations and PvP.

      In terms of abilities, you pretty much have to take Meditation to replenish spells in the dungeon. Then you need to pick up one Spell Memory slot so that you can actually use spells. Meditating between engagements might feel cumbersome, but this becomes less problematic the further you level your character.

      Wizard Spells

      The Wizard's bread-and-butter is spells. Here's a look at all the spells available to you.

      • Tier 1: One Cost Spells
        • Zap – Direct magic damage that also inflicts a burn that lasts one second.
        • Light Orb – Light spell to ruin those pesky shadows.
        • Ignite – You can set the target's weapon on fire which will inflict burn. Be careful, this spell can hit the enemy, too.
      • Tier 2: Two Cost Spells
        • Slow – Reduces target's movement speed by 40% for 2.5s
        • Ice Bolt – Direct magic damage to target and will slow them – likewise, this can hit an ally.
        • Tier 3: Three Cost Spells
          • Magic Missile – Individual missiles (10 of them) that do 12 damage each, fires continuously until you move.
          • Haste – Applies a movement speed buff to an ally that lasts for 12 seconds, this spell will hit yourself if you are alone.
          • Tier 4: Four Cost Spells
            • Lightning Strike – Targeted AoE after 4s, deals lightning damage in a small area.
            • Invisibility – Turns the target invisible and makes them invisble, can be cast on yourself if alone.
            • Fireball – Huge AoE fire attack that deals damage in a small-ish area.
            • Tier 6: Six Cost Spells
              • Chain Lightning – Chain lightning spell that chains through multiple enemies within a 400m radius, chains up to three times. Be careful – this will chain to yourself if you are stood nearby.
              • Starter Spell Set For Wizard

                As a level 0 Wizard, you will only have access to 12 Knowledge points. That means you can only take 12 points worth of spells into the run.

                If you are confused about how the spell system works in Dark And Darker, go check out our guide and then come back.

                Here's how your starter spell set might look as a Wizard.



                Magic Missile








                Total Cost: 12

                This is a very viable spell loadout for a beginner Wizard. Both Magic Missile and Fireball are considered some of the best spells in the game.

                Don't forget: You should also fill your Spell Priority Bar with other spells on the wheel, even if you don't have enough knowledge. This is because you may unlock more Knowledge via gear, pendants, amulets, etc, as you complete the run.

                Starter Wizard Build

                In summary, here's how your level 0 Wizard will look in-game.




                Magic Missile

                Spell Memory

                Quick Chant





                Max Level Wizard Build

                At max level, you will have access to all four perks and potentially more spells depending on your Knowledge level.

                Best Perks For The Wizard

                • Quick Chant – Increased spell cast speed is essential. Best perk for the Wizard.
                • Fire Mastery – Extra fire damage and burn duration.
                • Mana Surge – Extra base magic damage.
                • Arcane Feedback – Extra arcane damage, scales very well with Magic Missile, one of your essential Wizard spells.

                There are alternative Wizard set-ups that are designed to buff/shield your allies. Experiment with your Wizard loadout depending on whether you're going solo or playing with friends.

                Best Wizard Gear To Look Out For

                There are a few key items/attributes you're looking for as the Wizard.

                • Spell Book or Staff? There are pros and cons to both, but we really like the speed of a Spell Book, especially if you pick an item with Spell Casting Speed. The Crystal Ball can be viable, but it's spell casting speed isn't as good.
                • You're also looking for gear that has + to all attributes.
                • Extra magic damage is good, too.
                • Don't worry too much about movement speed, although it can be useful to pick up – most armor will reduce your movement speed anyway.

                Gameplay Tips For Wizard

                Here are some general gameplay tips for the Wizard.

                • The Wizard is a bit of a slow starter, and you won't feel the pure power until you're stacked up with decent gear and full perks. The grind is a bit slow.
                • You will likely find yourself as the target in most group engagements. You can use Haste to empower an ally (Barbarians are a great choice for this), or apply to yourself to get out of situations.
                • Be careful with your spells, because it can be easy to hit yourself and your allies.
                • Cast Speed is the absolute best attribute to pick up – this impacts how quickly you cast Magic Missiles (the deadly spell), and how quickly you can Meditate to regen spells.

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