Wizards Of the Coast Requests Injunction Against Publication Of TSR’s Racist Star Frontiers: New Genesis

A few tabletop games, along with their lore, were invented a long time ago and include racist, classist, and sexist elements that desperately need to be updated, but every now and then, some newer games also show similar signs. Back in July we reported on an upcoming game, TSR's Star Frontiers: New Genesis, including extremely racist descriptions.

It must be noted that TSR is not the same company that invented Dungeons & Dragons. This is a new group that launched in 2021 after the original trademark wasn't renewed. It has already had a few brushes with Wizards of the Coast, which has now decided to file a motion for a preliminary injunction against TSR. This is basically to stop Star Frontiers: New Genesis from being published.

The game actually includes a "Negro sub race", describing them as a "Tall thick bodied dark skinned brown-eyed race with large strength average intelligence ALL Attributes are in the 10+ range except intelligence which is maximum a +9". And, of course, the game's Nordic race – notably not a sub race – has "exceptional attributes and powers ALL attributes are in the 13+ range." That's not the end of TSR's buffoonery though.

Leaked images of the ruleset also read, "Races in SFNG [Star Frontiers: New Genesis] are not unlike races in the real world. Some are better at certain things than others, and some races are superior than others. We get into this later on in the manual." The manual further refers to the Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist movements as "radical". There's a whole lot more you can check out in the above tweet thread.

If you're wondering who the writer of this half-baked, unoriginal, horseshit is, it's some guy called Dave Johnson, whose only claim to fame is tweeting bigoted garbage.

Recently, Dungeons & Dragons was also called out for offensive depictions of the Hadozee race, which was modeled after enslaved people from Africa, right down to their deck-hand jobs. Wizards came under fire from the community due to this and put out a statement apologizing for the depiction of the Hadozee. It also confirmed that all offensive depictions of the race will be removed from digital editions and won't be included in future reprints.

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