Wordle 313 X is so hard it’s destroying player’s score streaks

Today’s Wordle answer is one of the hardest in a long time, as while it’s not that unusual a word it is very hard to guess.

It’s been quite a while since anyone has complained about Wordle being too difficult, with several days’ worth of ‘easy’ puzzles. For many though that easy patch has ended today, along with their score streak.

As usual, it’s not because the word is particularly obscure but because the way Wordle works conspires to make it difficult to guess at, with an uncommon first letter and four final letters that are in multiple other words.

That means that even if you do get a few of the letters it’s still very difficult to work out the final answer, which has left many frustrated. Although we won’t give away the solution until after the ad below.

The problem with today’s puzzle is that the three middle letters are commons one, which means that while they’re easy to guess they don’t really narrow down what the answer is.

Things are made more complicated by the fact that the first letter is very uncommon and the word itself is in its adjective form, which while not obscure is hardly the first word most people are likely to think of when they’re trying to get the answer.

If you’re having trouble, the word is ZESTY. It probably wasn’t picked to be purposefully hard but because of the way Wordle is designed it’s ended up that way regardless.

Needlessly to say, people are not happy, especially those that have seen their streak of correct answers broken, but sometimes that’s just the way Wordle is.

Wordle 313 X/6


My first loss at 99 games played 🥲 so close

Wordle 313 X/6


y’all it’s over pic.twitter.com/XifFMzSDZ1

Wordle 313 X/6


Once again 🙂 pic.twitter.com/piFrN6kHVN

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