World Of Tanks’ Halloween Event Was Worked On By Silent Hill Art Director And Composer

In an unexpected collaboration, Wargaming teamed up with Silent Hill veterans to create this year’s World of Tanks Halloween event. The spooky spectacle is currently underway as a PvE co-op event, which will run until November 9.

The gaming community would surely be in agreement when it came to crowning the Silent Hill franchise as the pinnacle of the video game horror genre. While many creators would turn to its history for inspiration, Wargaming has collaborated with those who helped turn Silent Hill into a successful multimedia franchise. Two talents in particular, Silent Hill art director Masahiro Ito and renowned composer Akira Yamaoka, joined forces with the Belarusian developer to provide the MMO title with a very special Halloween event.

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The Halloween event features the game’s exciting new PvE mode where players enter into combat with supernatural forces whilst uncovering the secrets that lie in the titular town of Mirny-13. 2020’s tanktastic event will offer a selection of three difficulty levels, phase teleportation that will allow players to carry Mirium forward into each phase, and exhilarating co-op play that uses unique mechanics. The event’s custom map will host teams made up of five players, who are tasked with controlling modified Tier IX tanks to battle Mirny-13’s enigmatic vehicles; a byproduct of a “scientific experiment gone wrong”.

Silent Hill’s artist and monster designer Masahiro Ito – Pyramid Head’s creator – described working on World of Tanks’ Halloween event as a “rewarding experience”. Known for his “unsettling atmospheres, chilling narratives and nightmarish beasts”, Ito hoped that his experience in creating unique horror environments would provide players with an unforgettable event. Wargaming also stated that Silent Hill’s composer Akira Yamaoka had the chance to inject his influence into a “haunting ambient track”, which can be heard in the event hangar.

Australia’s largest triple-A studio Wargaming Sydney previously told its employees that they would not have to return to the office until June 2021. Thanks to the pandemic – which has caused waves of disruption across the gaming industry – various developers have had to resort to a work-from-home alternative, and the World of Tanks developer is the first company to extend that stay until well into next year. Despite these problematic changes, World of Tanks moved full steam ahead with the release of its tabletop variant, The World of Tanks: Miniatures Game.

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