Wurm Online Posts Developer Roadmap After Successful Steam Launch

Video game developer Code Club AB recently took to the Wurm Online forum to post the company’s roadmap plan for the future of the game now that its Steam launch has proven successful. In the roadmap, Code Club specifically outlines work that still needs to be done, including tutorial improvements, UI improvements, combat overhaul, exploration updates, construction improvements, overall sound and visual enhancements, and multiple future major content updates.

Wurm Online launched onto Steam this past July 24, 14 years after its original online launch. According to the Wurm Online Roadmap forum post written by Wurm developer Samool, “the player counts since that time have been just unprecedented”. Now that daily operations have calmed enough, Samool states that plans are being put in place to expand Wurm Online’s developer family and marketing efforts. If you are a person who may be interested in applying to work for Code Club, Samool encourages you to contact them directly at [email protected]

As far as the work needed under Wurm Online hood, Samool begins by mentioning the team is happy with how well the new tutorial has been working out, but they feel there is still plenty of room for improvement. Over the next upcoming few weeks, the team will be adding some polish to the tutorial experience, including “ introducing additional in-game tips and tools to help the newer Wurmians learn the ropes and perhaps not get too frustrated by constantly digging through the wiki.” UI improvements will also be addressed alongside the tutorial improvements, in an effort to add some player-requested features and tweaks, as well as to make the UI generally more comfortable to use.

A comprehensive combat overhaul has been in the works since before the Steam launch, and had been planned to be added by that time. It was postponed “to give it the attention and polish it deserves”, and will now be the other major focus for the next few weeks. The team wants to “increase the interactivity and engagement of combat” through better visual feedback that lessens the need to read combat chat, improving a few combat mechanics, and “making special moves more prominent and useful in PvE.”

Once the team feels comfortable that those two major updates are going well, Samool said they will begin working on the major content updates that are planned for the future. Details aren’t given on the specifics of the incoming content updates, but Samool states they will include a focus on exploration “to make the wilderness of Wurm more interesting to explore”, with random encounters, creature improvements, and changes to make exploration feel a lot less grindy than it does now.

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