WWE Is Working On A Roleplaying Game

With the waning of the WWE 2K games, and AEW following hot on its heels with Fight Forever, chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon has doubled down on the company's commitment towards video games. On a recent earnings call McMahon revealed that besides the regular 2K games, WWE is also working something new in the roleplaying genre.

"We were extremely pleased with the relaunch of our premium videogame console franchise, WWE 2K," said McMahon on the call (thanks PC Gamer). "After taking a little more than a year off to improve the game engine, we worked hand in glove with our partners at Take-Two Interactive, listened to our customers and fans, and earned back their trust by delivering a game that exceeded their expectations.

"WWE 2K22 was a commercial and critical success, with the highest Metacritic scores on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms in franchise history, with over 5.6 million hours viewed on Twitch to date."

The 2K games have been stuck in a rut over the past few years. 2K20 was considered a disaster by almost everyone, and despite the one-year break and revamped engine, WWE 2K22 was above-average at best. Considering these factors, it seems like a logical move for WWE to change up the formula and try something different in the video games department.

"We continue to see strength in the performance of our mobile games with 2K and Scopely, SuperCard and Champions, and recently signed a new deal in the roleplaying game space that will be announced soon," continued McMahon. "We also continue to evaluate the metaverse, both walled-garden environments that already exist, as well as decentralized properties."

It's unclear what exactly a WWE roleplaying game would include. While you can already create your own character in the game, perhaps there will be a more indepth choice system, where players' decisions will lead to widely different outcomes. Or, as PC Gamer pointed out, a BioWare styled Face/Heel meter would suit the game perfectly, giving the player the freedom to play however they want – just remember, don't pick up any steel chairs if you want to stay in the green.

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