Xbox Game Pass for £1 still works with three-year subscription trick

By converting your Xbox Live Gold subscription into one for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can sign up for three years for just £1.

With gaming becoming an ever more expensive hobby, people will be taking advantage of any deals to help them save money.

For Xbox owners, one way of doing that is by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, since it gives you access to a whole library of games for a monthly subscription – £7 for regular Game Pass and £10 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

However, there’s a cheaper, legitimate way of subscribing to the service that isn’t advertised on Microsoft’s website; one that can get you three years’ worth of Game Pass for just £1.

Xbox Game Pass – how to get three-year subscription for £1

First things first, you can’t already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. This method only works for new customers or if your subscription has expired.

You’ll also need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft’s service that provides access to online multiplayer. This is because the Game Pass trick involves upgrading your Gold membership.

Currently, Microsoft’s website only offers one-month and three-month subscriptions for £6.99 and £17.99, respectively.

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions do stack up to a maximum of three years, so the best way to achieve that is to buy pre-paid gift cards from online retailers (supermarkets sometimes also have them). Three 12-month subscription gift cards will do the trick.

As a head’s up, make sure recurring billing is turned off. You need to have exactly three years (so 36 months) worth of Xbox Live Gold. Otherwise, this trick won’t work properly.

Next, you’ll want to upgrade to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial, which gives you a one-month subscription for £1.

However, doing so will still allow you to convert all the time left on your Xbox Live Gold membership. So, since you have 36 months of Xbox Live Gold, you should receive 36 months of Game Pass for just £1. Again, make sure recurring billing is turned off to accomplish this.

This is a trick people have been taking advantage of for at least a couple years now, and outlets like The Loadout have confirmed that it still works as of this month.

It’s worth taking advantage of ASAP as there has been chatter in the past of Microsoft outright discontinuing Xbox Live Gold, once Game Pass gets more active users.

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