Xbox Series X And Series S Prices Reportedly Leak

The long-awaited next-gen Microsoft consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, finally have official details. Well, sort of… if a recent set of leaks are to be trusted. Even though the Series S has still not been officially confirmed by Microsoft, a leaked render recently revealed both the Series S price and hardware. In addition, a report from Windows Central claims to know both the Xbox Series X and S prices and release date.

So after much ado, how much will the next generation of Xbox set fans back? The Xbox Series S is set to cost $299 while the Xbox Series X is set to cost $499. Both are allegedly set to launch on November 10, 2020. The two consoles will also have the option of being included in an “Xbox All Access” financing option that includes some form of Live, Game Pass, and the console itself.

As far as the hardware, the Series S looks much more like an Xbox One than it does a Series X. The one distinguishable characteristic is the very noticeable large black cooling grill in the middle of the console’s white body. The design is certainly interesting, and we’re sure the internet will chime in with a few jokes.

The Xbox All Access rumor also points towards an even brighter future for Game Pass. The subscription service already has hundreds of games available to players for a low monthly fee, and if Microsoft can line up deals with some big titles in the coming months, a lot of people will be buying a Series S this holiday season. Especially if it means the console comes at a more affordable monthly payment plan.

With the cost of a quality gaming PC and the predicted price point of the PlayStation 5, a $299 Xbox Series S will be a huge draw for gamers working with a lower budget. For many people, picking up a Series S and a Game Pass subscription makes a lot more sense than dropping $60-70 every time a new game is released.

Next-gen console season is almost upon us, and there’s a good chance that Microsoft will officially reveal the Xbox Series S soon. We should also hear about release dates and prices for the PS5 and Series X soon too, so stay tuned!

Source: Windows Central (2)

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