Xbox Series X backwards compatibility details Auto HDR and Xbox 360 cloud saves

Microsoft has offered more details on Xbox Series X/S backwards compatibility, including double the frame rate for many games.

In the next gen console war there’s one battleground where Xbox dominates with ease and that’s backwards compatibility, and they’ve just revealed that it’s actually even better than previously realised.

Sony recently announced that all but 10 PlayStation 4 games would be backwards compatible on the PlayStation 5, but that’s all. Earlier formats aren’t included and the upgrades for PlayStation 4 games running on the PlayStation 5 seem relatively limited.

But a new blog post from Microsoft has gone into more detail on how things will work on the Xbox Series X/S, including automatically adding HDR to older games and the ability to double the frame rate.

HDR doesn’t require any additional power, just a compatible TV, but it wasn’t a common feature for televisions until the beginning of this generation. So Microsoft has added a Auto HDR feature that can bring HDR to older titles without the original developer having to be involved.

What does require more horsepower is a higher frame rate and Microsoft are promising they will be, ‘effectively doubling the framerate on select titles’.

This won’t make sense for all titles, where it would interfere with the animation or physics, but Fallout 4 is used as an example where doubling the frame rate from 30fps to 60fps is nothing but a positive.

Other improvements include, ‘significant reductions in load times’, free cloud saves for Xbox 360 games (to make it easier to transfer them to other consoles), and resolution increases to 1440p on Xbox Series S and non-native 4K on Xbox Series X.

Improved texture filtering will also be coming to ‘a portion of the catalogue’, with 16x anisotropic filtering enabled for ‘nearly all’ backwards compatible titles.

Once again, Microsoft couldn’t resist taking a dig at Sony, stating, in reference to the PlayStation 5, that the Xbox Series X has ‘no boost mode, no downclocking, and that it uses ‘the full power of the consoles for each and every backward compatible game.’

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