Xbox Series X Will Not Support The UK’s BBC iPlayer Just Yet

The UK gaming community was warned pre-launch that the Xbox Series X would not support its beloved BBC iPlayer. The downloadable platform was available on the Xbox One, and it looks like next-gen users will have to wait patiently for the same luxury.

Producing a long list of “known issues” on the Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft laid out a series of fixes for the new system’s potential problems. The FAQ on the publisher’s website addressed the BBC iPlayer app, stating that it would not “launch or install” on the next-gen Xbox devices. It also mentioned that a resolve was being worked on with the app partners to possibly include the iPlayer within the library at a later date. Microsoft alerted customers to the healthy serving of other apps – including Netflix and Disney+ – that would hopefully keep them entertained for the time being.

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The BBC iPlayer is one of the main hubs where English fans can catch up on the latest soaps, documentaries, and reality television of their choosing. The app also offers the option to watch all of the BBC channels live, if viewers do not have a standard television service. The Xbox One housed the iPlayer in addition to the Sky and Channel 4 apps, which left customers spoiled for choice. However, this is the third Microsoft device in a row where the iPlayer has been missing from the launch line-up. Microsoft failed to make the app a priority when releasing the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One. However, it managed to get there in the end.

Due to a handful of other – perhaps more popular – streaming apps, this could be a potential reason why Microsoft considered it as a secondary service. British citizens would highly disagree, however. Another app that has been noticeably missing from the library is the EA Play app, which also missed the launch deadline. The EA Play app, simply put, does not have a next-gen version to release. Regardless, EA Play’s full catalogue has just been added to the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, the service’s 10-hour trial can be found next to your chosen game in the Xbox store.

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