Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Stats And Status Effects Explained

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has an enormous amount of tooltips that explain its seemingly neverending supply of new systems and mechanics you will frequently use throughout your adventure. However, despite this, finding information on what exactly Stats are and do in this game, along with Status Effects applied in battle, can be near impossible.

When you level your character or want to change your Class, you will constantly see your Stats adjust, with some of the less-obvious ones making you wonder what is actually changing and if it matters. The same can be said with Status Effects, as you may inflict something on an enemy or have them impose something on you, and you have no clue what it does or if there's a way to counter it.

Stats Guide

Stats are a crucial part of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and determine how well each character handles themselves during encounters. From your health pool to how accurate your attacks are to how much health your Healing Arts replenish and everything in between is what Stats affect, which is why it's essential to understand what each of them does and how to manage them.

The game has nine Stats total, all of them providing something of value to your character and Class. The section below will highlight every Stat and what they do, allowing you to tweak your characters' builds to accommodate their Class and playstyle better!

Every Stat

Stat NameDescription
HPHP stands for 'Hit Points,' which signifies how many ticks of damage a character can take before becoming incapacitated.

If a character's HP is reduced to zero from incoming damage, they will have to be revived by another party member.

AttackAttack refers to how much damage a character can output through Auto Attacks or Combat Arts that deal Physical Damage.

Typically DPS Classes (Red Icons) will have the highest Attack Stat.

Healing PowerHealing Power indicates the potency of your character's Healing Arts.

The higher your Healing Power, the more substantial your heals will be in battle, allowing you to keep your team alive.

DexterityDexterity determines your character's Accuracy, allowing you to land more Auto Attacks or Arts the higher it is.

If you're seeing 'Missed' pop up frequently, you may want to look into ways of increasing this Stat!

AgilityAgility refers to your character's ability to dodge incoming attacks and is a crucial Stat for Tanks (Blue Icons) and, in some cases, Healers (Green Icons).
Critical RateCritical Rate determines how often you will land Critical Attacks through your Auto Attacks or Arts. The higher the number, the more frequently you will land them.

Critical Attacks refer to Auto Attacks or Arts that proc and deal much more damage than they usually do, making it especially useful for DPS Classes (Red Icons).

Block RateBlock Rate refers to your odds of blocking incoming Physical Attacks, completely nullifying their damage or potential effects.

Crucial Stat for Tanks (Blue Icons) as they are constantly drawing aggro and taking hits so that the Healer and DPS can do their job.

Physical DefensePhysical Defense is how susceptible you are to Physical Attacks. The higher this Stat is, the less damaging Physical Attacks are to you.
Ether DefenseEther Defense works the same way Physical Defense does, except with Ether Attacks. The lower the Stat, the more susceptible you are to Ether Attacks, and the higher the Stat, the more resistant you are to them.

How To Raise Stats

There are a handful of ways you can control your character's Stats in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, allowing you to control what they're capable of in combat encounters. You can find each method below:

AccessoriesEquipping Accessories is one of the best ways to manually target and raise specific Stats, making it an excellent way to increase Health or Agility for Tanks, the Healing potency for Healer, the Critical Damage of DPS Classes, and much more.

You can have up to three Accessories on each character after reaching Level 50, making this easily one of the best options in the game.

GemsGems are similar to Accessories in that they are an excellent way to manually adjust your Stats, offering ways to increase the potency of Healing Arts, Attack Damage, and much more.

Upon reaching Level 40, you will have three Gem slots available. This, paired with Accessories, grants you lots of flexibility and control over each character's Stats!

Leveling UpLeveling Up your character's core Level (1-99) will blanket-level all Stats, allowing you to gradually raise them as you progress through the game. While you have no control over which Stats get raised or by how much, this is still an excellent way to increase your Stats via farming, grinding, or simply playing through the story.
ClassesChanges Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will increase and decrease your Stats to varying degrees. Sometimes it's drastic like if you're going from a Tank to a Healer, your HP will be drastically lower, and other times it won't be that massive if you stay in the same role.

While the change isn't permanent as this is a Class-by-Class basis method, this is an excellent way to increase targeted Stats on characters you want or need to fill a specific role for an encounter.

Status Effects Guide

Status Effects are Buffs or Debuffs inflicted on you, your teammates, or your enemies that can significantly turn the tide of battle. In each encounter, you will have the opportunity to apply Buffs on yourself and the rest of your party and cast Debuffs on your opponent, allowing you to exploit their weakness to your advantage. However, just as you can place Debuffs on the enemy, they can also put them on you, so it's crucial to understand each of them, what they do, and how to handle them.

Every Buff

Buff NameProperties
Accuracy UpTemporarily increases Dexterity, allowing more of your attacks to land during combat encounters.
Armor VeilGenerates a shield that absorbs incoming damage equal to a specified amount of HP (according to the Art), allowing you to avoid taking damage for a short period.
Attack UpTemporarily increases your Attack, allowing you to deal more damage during combat encounters.
AwakeningTemporarily increases your Arte Recharge Rates, Attack, and Defense.
Counter HealWhen hit, you will regain HP instead of losing it for a specified number of hits.
Critical Hit PlusTemporarily increases the damage output of Critical Attacks.
Critical Rate UpTemporarily increases the likelihood of landing Critical Attacks.
Debuff BarrierCleanses anyone of Debuffs in the barrier's Area of Effect.
DecoyGuarantees you will Evade a specified number of attacks.
Defense UpTemporarily increases your Physical and Ether Defense, making you more resistant to incoming attacks.
Delayed HealingAn effect from specific Healing Arts that takes effect after affected targets have their HP dip below a certain threshold, activating a crucial heal that saves them from a potentially fatal situation.
Ether AnchorPrevents you from being affected by Combos (Topple, Launch, Daze, etc.)
Evasion UpTemporarily increases Agility, allowing you to Evade more incoming attacks for a short period.
Fast RechargeTemporarily increases the Recharge Rate of your Arts, allowing you to gain them back much faster than before.
InvincibleTemporarily makes you immune to all incoming damage from enemies.
Pause Buff TimerTemporarily suspends the timer on all active Buffs, extending their usage slightly.
Power ChargeCharges your next Art Attack, increasing its potency by a significant margin, allowing you to deal extra damage.
Recovery UpTemporarily increases Healing Power, providing your Healing Arts with more potent healing capabilities.
RegenerateGradually heals anyone affected over a set period.

Every Debuff

Debuff NameProperties
Accuracy DownTemporarily reduces Dexterity, making it harder to land attacks.
Attack DownTemporarily reduces Attack, lowering the damage output of anyone inflicted.
BindTemporarily locks whoever is affected in place.
BlazeGradually damages anyone standing in a wide area of effect over a set period.
BleedGradually damages target over a set period of time.
Damage LinkSpreads damage to other enemies in the area, essentially turning every attack into an AoE for a short time.
Ether Defense DownTemporarily reduces Ether Defence, making whoever is inflicted more susceptible to Ether Attacks.
Evasion DownTemporarily reduces Agility, making it harder to Evade incoming attacks.
Heal BindDepletes all HP from Healers, incapacitating them on the spot.
Physical Defense DownTemporarily reduces Physical Defence, making whoever is inflicted more susceptible to Physical Attacks.
Shackle ArtsTemporarily suspends the use of Arts.
Shackle BlockingTemporarily suspends the ability to Block.
Shackle HealingTemporarily suspends the ability to Heal.
Shield BindDepletes all HP from Defenders, incapacitating them on the spot.
SleepThose inflicted by Sleep will be catching z's while standing in place, unable to move, until they are hit or after a very long period of time has passed.
Slow RechargeMakes the Recovery Rate of Arts slower, having them come back online much later than usual.
Target LockForces aggro on targets, forcing them to attack them for a set period.
ToxinGradually damages target over a set period of time.

How To Remove Debuffs

While limited, there are a couple of ways to remove Debuffs from yourself and your teammates, allowing you to avoid fatal situations or watch one of your teammates bleed out. While you may not need these in the early goings of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, they will come in handy in the later portions, where enemies are constantly using every trick in the book to try and take down Ouroboros.

Art NameDescriptionClass
Cure BulletCleanses Debuffs from anyone in a small AoE around the caster.War Medic
Leaping CurrentCleanses Debuffs and grants Attack Up to everyone in a small AoE around the caster.Thaumaturge

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