Yes, The PS5 Can Sit Horizontally; Here's What It Looks Like

During the PS5 reveal event last week–which produced a flurry of internet memes about the new console’s appearance–many were surprised by its sheer size and wavy design. This led some to question whether or not the new PlayStation can sit on its side. Thanks to an image from Amazon, however, we now know that both versions of the PS5–the skew with a disk drive and the one without–can lay horizontally without any issue.

Given that both the PS2 and PS3 were designed with either orientation in mind, this perhaps isn’t a huge surprise. Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series X can lay flat back in December of last year, which was true of both the Xbox One and the earlier 360. We still don’t know how much the PS5 will cost, or the PS5’s full line-up of games, but odds are likely that more details will come out over the coming weeks. Recently, an exec suggested that the UI of the new console will be a complete overhaul from the PS4, unlike Microsoft’s more incremental approach.

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