Yes, You Can Fly Over Disney World in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Happiest Place on Earth, Disney World, can be explored in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the game, you can see all the major attractions like Cinderella’s Castle, Epcot, and Space Mountain.

Disney website, Inside the Magic, notes that you can’t actually do this in real life, since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Now, planes can only go 3,000 feet above Disney World and within three-miles of the Cinderella Castle. With Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can now land inside the park and see the castle up close, but you might not want to do that.

From far away, the castle looks spectacular, but if you get in close, you’ll notice in X-CHECK’s video that there are low-res textures and Main Street U.S.A. looks like a dystopian future. It’s best to fly over for now, but perhaps Microsoft and Disney should collaborate with each other in order to make this recreation look more magical?  Shane Ware (somewareatdisney) does a supercalifragilistic job of showing the splendor of Disney World with a quick TikTok video that shows Epcot Center, the Tower of Terror (now called Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!), and the Matterhorn in great detail.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game in which you can explore the world with airplanes of all shapes and sizes. Despite its tediously long install time (with 10 discs!), it has been praised across the critical board. William Cennamo, ScreenRant’s Game Guides Editor, said in his review that it is “one of the most beautiful games of this generation and it’s attention to detail is spectacular.” He also said it’s accessible for new or veteran players of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. It currently holds an impressive 93% score on MetaCritic from 41 outlets, making it one of the highest reviewed games of 2020.

While most of us can’t visit Disney World right now, it’s great that we have one more option to get a little piece of magic. Will you “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” in Microsoft Flight Simulator? 

The game is currently available on Xbox One and PC on Steam. It is included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription on both platforms. It will take up a lot of space at a huge 152.4 GB though, so beware!

Sources: Inside The Magic, X-CHECK, and somewareatdisney

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