You Can Preload Final Fantasy VII Remake Now

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases officially on April 10th, and players planning to purchase the game digitally are now able to preload so that the game will be (mostly) ready to go at launch. Having said that, digital might not actually be the fastest way to get the game, depending on where you live.

In Australia, the game released earlier this week in stores and for digital download. Square has stated it would also start shipping copies earlier to Europe due to the conditions created by the coronavirus. For U.S. players, unfortunately, it would seem they’ll need to wait until the official release date on the 10th to start playing.

FFVII: Remake producer Yoshinori Kitases said in a news release that they wanted to offer preload a little bit early for the game to allow players extra time in the event that their bandwidth is already stretched. The game’s file size is reported to be around 80gbs, so having some extra time to preload is can really help, especially for people currently working from home and using more bandwidth than usual.

The preload news came alongside a new trailer, the FINAL FFVII trailer, but for those who wish to avoid spoilers, we actually recommend not watching it, as it drops some pretty major story bombs.

Preload for Final Fantasy VII: Remake is available now on PS4.

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