You’ll Brick It When You See This Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Made Out Of Lego

The Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring truly are a wonderous sight to behold. They're colossal, roaming buildings on four gigantic legs that need to be attacked in very specific weak spots before they'll come down and settle. Oh, and they can attack you while you try to do this. One Elden Ring fan has made one out of Lego, and it's just as marvelous.

Posted to Reddit and spotted by PCGamer, this Lego monstrosity is made up of 5000-6000 bricks and weighs 30 pounds, according to its creator, HoboSapient. If you're wondering how the Lego blocks can sustain such heft, "Lots of Technic," is HoboSapient's answer. That's the heavy-duty Lego made for adults.

The impressive feat of Lego currently has over 27,000 upvotes on the Elden Ring subreddit. One Redditor exclaimed, "Holy crap this is amazing!" Another wrote, "yo thats sick! love the tree detail." When asked how they sourced the materials for this behemoth creation, HoboSapien replied, "Whole lotta Pick-a-Brick at the lego store, plus 20+ years of collecting."

People really love making stuff out of Lego. Someone is making Pokemon's Kanto region entirely out of Lego bricks, a mammoth task. As of a couple weeks ago, the fan had remade the region from Pallet Town all the way up to Pewter City.

Another fan with seemingly too much time on their hands has gotten Doom to run on a Lego brick, sort of. What it is is an incredibly small OLED gaming monitor fitted into a Lego brick, which can only display a 72×40 resolution and needs "adaptive histogram equalisation to flatten the dynamic range, adds some noise, and thresholds it."

Lego also really likes Lego, as the 663,900 piece Lego Bowser proves. It stands at a whopping 14 feet tall and has moving arms, eyes, eyebrows, and can turn its head. It was shown off at Comicon back in July, and you can build a smaller, 2,800 piece Bowser yourself.

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