YouTuber Makes Elden Ring Into Isometric RPG With Camera Hacks

Elden Ring might be a popular game, selling 12 million copies in its first three weeks, but that doesn't mean The Lands Between isn't a frankly terrifying place to explore. With a boss or an enemy that will give you nightmares waiting for you around almost every corner, it's a scary game, even to those who are too proud to admit it. Any attempt to make its vast map a slightly less daunting place to explore will likely be welcomed by most players, even if the change is just a temporary one.

YouTuber and modder Flurdeh has done exactly that. Well, actually, they have arguably gone quite a bit further than simply making Elden Ring a tiny bit less terrifying. In a video appropriately named Tiny Elden Ring, Flurdeh shows off how they have turned The Lands Between from an intimidating map filled with beasties to something that wouldn't look out of place on your tabletop.

Flurdeh specializes in changing the perspective from which we see games, doing similar work with God Of War and other big-budget games in the past. In this instance, the YouTuber has altered the point of view and used a tilt-shift lens to change the depth-of-field. That's why Elden Ring's enemies have gone from intimidating, seemingly unbeatable foes to some of us, to tiny figurines that look like they're gleefully traipsing through an RPG.

To complete the beautiful makeover of Elden Ring, Flurdeh also utilized a photo mode mod created by Frans Bouma, which is available via the creator's Patreon page. It's the latest example of many ways Elden Ring players have been having a lot of fun with the game while so many others continue to struggle through it. Over the weekend someone managed to beat the game using only their butt. That's the character's ground slam ability by the way, not the physical user's actual behind, though it likely won't be long until someone tries that too.

What Elden Ring players won't be able to do in Flurdeh's beautiful reimagination of The Lands Between is speedrun through it. At least not as effectively as they are doing in the regular version of the game. Distortion2, the same player who beat the game with their bum, has been leading the way in that regard. They have now managed to speedrun through it in less than nine minutes, but think they can get that time down to under seven minutes.

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