Ahead Of Doom Eternal, Nintendo Switch Eshop Discounts The Entire Series

We’re a little under a month away from Doom Eternal, the next gruesome chapter in the tale of the Doom Slayer, and Switch owners can celebrate with a new sale that discounts all the previous games. That includes the 2016 title, which drops to $30, a full 50% off from $60.

The original classics, Doom and Doom II, are going for $1.49 each, down from $5. Doom 3 is a tiny bit more at $3, down from $10.

In other news, the much-anticipated re-release of Doom 64 will be going for the same low price of $5 as Doom and Doom II when it hits. Pre-order Doom Eternal, however, and you get Doom 64 for free.

The first three games will be on sale until March 2, however, Doom 2016 will go back to full price a day earlier, on March 1.

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