Animal Crossing's Nature Day Event Kicks Off Tomorrow

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ next big event will take place as part of a free update this week. While the real holiday, Earth Day, falls on April 22 this year, New Horizons’ equivalent, Nature Day, will kick off tomorrow, April 23, alongside a big, free update that will add new merchants and a museum expansion.

Nature Day runs until May 4. During that time, Nook Inc. will offer special Nook Miles+ objectives that involve planting trees, watering flowers, and taking advantage of a new feature–the ability to plant shrubs. Overlapping with the Nature Day festivities is another event called May Day, which runs from May 1-7. During that event, you’ll be able to take a special limited-time May Day tour that ships you off to a different island from the usual mystery tours.

As previously mentioned, Nature Day will arrive via a free update, which will also introduce two new merchants to the game: the flower-love Leif and the shady art vendor Redd. Leif will set up shop in front of the Resident Services building and sell flower seeds and shrubs, while Redd will dock his Treasure Trawler at the private beach in the back of your island and sell artwork that you can then donate to the museum, which is being expanded with a new wing.

In the meantime, some new fish and bugs are available to catch in the game (although that also means tarantula farming is harder than it used to be). If you need help making the most of your deserted island life, you can find guides on how to terraform, how to make custom designs, and more in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide roundup. You can also get some special items in the game by playing the series’ mobile spin-off, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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