Mario Golf Super Rush comes to Nintendo Switch in June

Mario Golf Super Rush launches June 25, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, the company announced on Wednesday. It appears to be as feature-filled as Camelot Software Planning’s last Mario Sports title, 2018’s Mario Tennis Aces.

Players will get a large roster of Mario characters, and take them through a story mode, much like Tennis Aces did with its story mode. Additionally, the standard mode of play will allow users to play speed golf, battle-royale style, with their character racing to finish the hole first.

The targeting system and motion control options also resemble features from Mario Tennis Aces. That game, though it received moderate reviews from critics, won several awards in 2018’s year-end shows.

Mario Golf Super Rush is the first Mario Golf title (on a console) since 2003’s Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for the GameCube. Switch users can start pre-ordering the game after the Nintendo Direct, from the console’s eShop.

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