Pokémon Sword and Shield Twitch channel lets you make hacked monsters

Making hacked monsters for Pokémon Sword and Shield was always possible, but to do it, you needed to run custom firmware on the Nintendo Switch. Now all you need is an internet connection and a little bit of patience.

OaksLab is a curious Twitch channel that generates hacked Pokémon for you through the use of a bot called AutoBrock. First, you have to generate a monster via Pokémon Showdown, a popular browser game where fans play competitively. Showdown lets you export your Pokémon, which you can then paste into the Oak’s Lab Twitch chat, preceded by the text “$trade.” Then you type “/w @AutoBrock” into the Twitch chat, and set a four-digit trade code that you’ll search for in Sword and Shield. From there, you wait a moment until the Twitch bot says it’s ready for you in the chat. Once it does, you can search for the trade in Sword and Shield using the code, and your hacked Pokémon will be waiting. The Twitch channel notes that generating your monsters may take several minutes, and that delay might increase further after this article goes live.

Image: OaksLab/Twitch via Polygon

Caveat: The Twitch channel does not allow you to make monsters with impossible stats, instead limiting its creations to creatures deemed competitively “legal.” Your trade request may be canceled if you try to make something outrageous. The program will also not make perfect Dittos for you, it warns. You can make as many Pokémon as you’d like, but only one request can be live at a time.

“These Pokémon are not intended for use in Official Pokémon Tournaments as per the rules,” the Twitch channel says.

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