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We shape animals’ lives through the food we purchase. This is especially true if you’re a large company making choices about which meat, eggs or dairy you’re including in your store, restaurant or product.

The ASPCA collaborates with a variety of food businesses to address animal welfare within their supply chains. In just five years, we have secured over 200 animal welfare commitments from food companies that will improve the lives of farm animals. Some of these companies deserve special acknowledgement for sharing their progress toward their animal welfare goals, adding a layer of transparency and accountability to their commitments and inspiring other businesses to do the same.

Companies like Alexandre Family Farm, Iconic Protein, Nugget’s Healthy Chicken, Town Kitchen, Ceres Project, buy online risperdal australia without prescription  The Great American Turkey Company, Happy Valley Meat Company, Home Place Pastures and Just Salad are some of the businesses that have reported fulfilling their animal welfare policies or making significant progress. Collectively these companies have improved the lives of countless  pigs, cows, goats, chickens and turkeys. 

The Better Chicken Commitment is a leading policy to address welfare problems affecting chickens raised for meat by 2024. Yet several progressive companies including Thrive Market, ButcherBox and Farmer’s Fridge are already reporting significant forward movement with improved living conditions for chickens and verification by third-party auditors.

You can help support humane treatment of farm animals, too!

  • Seek out plant-based options and welfare-certified animal products wherever you buy food. 
  • Amplify your impact by letting your favorite brands, local grocery stores, restaurants or coffee shops know that the treatment of farm animals matters to you and request they source more humane products.
  • Follow up regularly and thank companies if you see positive changes happening.
  • Let us know which food companies you would like to see improve their farm animal welfare. Email us at [email protected]

To maximize your impact, engage a friend or family member in the fight against factory farming! Share our food label guide that decodes common claims found on animal products or invite them to discover our full range of Shop With Your Heart resources here.


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