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Donny Osmond joins boy with hearing impairment on stage

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American singer Donny Osmond’s debut happened at the tender age of five when he featured in a 1963 broadcast on the Andy William’s show. The star rose to fame alongside his older brothers in pop band The Osmonds, before forging his own path as a solo star. The singer is widely known for his multimillion-selling hit Puppy Love gave Donny, which gave him his first UK number one. The 63-year-old singer has detailed his health concerns after he became temporarily paralysed following neck and back surgery in 2019.

Donny explained the ordeal began while he was performing his last ever show in Las Vegas in November 2019, when suddenly he lost all sensation in his arms and legs.

The star confessed he was at the Flamingo Hotel marking the end to an 11-year residency in Sin City, with his sister Marie, when he began to notice the paralysis.

Speaking of his plight, the icon told the Mirror: “I couldn’t feel my arms, buy generic coumadin coupon without prescription then suddenly my legs too. I didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me… I just kept dancing and finished the show.”

Medical examinations later revealed that the star’s spinal cord had shifted due to a string of injuries sustained in 2009, the year the star won the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

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Donny revealed that the injuries had mainly affected his neck and back, and required surgical intervention.

It was until the surgery was completed that the nightmare unravelled, further worsening his condition.

The star explained he suffered a secondary surgical infection, which left him unable to walk.

He said: “I thought everything was going to be fine, but it couldn’t have been worse. I got a secondary infection which meant I wasn’t able to move.”

Donny said he feared he would never walk again, but claims his strong state of mind and devout Mormon faith “helped him come back from the dead”.

The superstar, who has since returned to the stage, underwent months of rehabilitation to regain mobility.

Speaking of his comeback to the stage, Donny says he is still in disbelief about his recovery.

He said: “The show last night was wild… The amount of dancing and singing and every. I started off below zero, but I feel like I can back from the dead.

“I’m pain free now, maybe even stronger than before.”

The star also revealed his wife, 43-year-old Debbie, was invaluable to his recovery.

He explained: “She knows exactly the sort of determination I have and she knew I could be fine.”

The pair met Debbie was still a cheerleader at high school, and was dating Donny’s brother at the time.

He said: “She was dating my brother and I king of moved in a took over.”

“I just fell in love” he added. “She was my best friend before she was my lover. And we just connected on so many levels.”

Donny’s new album, titled Start Again, is the first he has entirely co-written and produced by himself.

The star is set to visit UK this Christmas on the heels of the release of his 65th album.

He added: “Those British fans have always been so loyal to me”.

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