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In his latest video, fitness YouTuber Stan Browney challenges his brother Jorg and his friends Arjen and Stan to commit to doing 200 pushups every single day for 30 days. The goal of the challenge, he explains, is primarily for each of the guys to improve their technique and endurance in this exercise, and build some strength. Browney adds that there may be some improvements to their physiques along the way, but that these changes will likely be negligible after such a relatively short period of time.

Each participant represents a different ability level: Stan is a beginner, Jorg is intermediate, and Arjen is more advanced. At the start of the month, Browney tests how many consecutive pushup reps they can do to form a baseline: Stan maxes out at 36, lexapro image Jorg at 50, and Arjen at 80.

What Browney doesn’t tell them right away is that at the end of the 30-day challenge, every additional high quality rep they can do in one go will be worth $10. “If I’d have told them beforehand, they’d probably have slacked a bit and kept some reps in the tank,” he explains.

Stan, Jorg and Arjen record their progress throughout the month, taking daily photos of their physiques to track any visible changes, and timing themselves as they do their 200 reps.

On day 30, Stan has gained around a pound of muscle, and has some measurable growth in his chest. Jorg has actually lost weight during the challenge, but also shows some gains in his chest. And Arjen, who wasn’t necessarily expecting to see much change as the “advanced” one, has lost some body fat and also boasts a 2-cm growth in his chest.

Perhaps most importantly, Arjen’s pushup max has improved the most, from 80 reps to 114… Which means Browney owes him $340.

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