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Opentrons Labworks, Inc., a leader in lab automation and makers of accessible lab robotics and Zymo Research Corp, a life science reagent company, are collaborating to transform microbiome and metagenome analysis by fully automating comprehensive, end-to-end workflows from sample collection through library preparation on the Opentrons Flex.

Image Credit: Opentrons

Traditional methods of microbiome analysis have provided valuable insights across various applications; however, this approach frequently faces challenges in terms of time, cost, xenical laxante and accuracy. Additionally, these methods often demand significant labor from skilled personnel, which may hinder scalability and reproducibility. The innovative collaboration between Zymo and Opentrons, which combines the automation capabilities of the Opentrons Flex platform with Zymo chemistries, offers numerous advantages over conventional approaches, including enhanced throughput, minimized variability, and superior data quality.

The Opentrons Flex platform enables the ability to pzerform multiple chemistries simultaneously, significantly reducing the risk of sample loss, contamination, or variability. Furthermore, the platform executes these chemistries with remarkable precision and reproducibility, thereby increasing the accuracy and sensitivity of data. Lastly, the Opentrons Flex streamlines the research process by automating monotonous and time-consuming tasks, enabling researchers to dedicate their efforts to the analysis and interpretation of data. This revolutionary collaboration has the potential to redefine the landscape of microbiome analysis, setting new standards in efficiency and accuracy.

We’re delighted to bring accessible automation for the ZymoBIOMICS range of chemistries to the Opentrons Flex platform in support of our vibrant robotics community. Automated microbiome sample prep workflows are of growing interest to our members involved in pathogen surveillance and microbiome-based therapeutic development. Our partnership with Zymo extends our commitment to providing our users with highly qualified protocols, available on demand, through our protocol library.”

James Atwood, General Manager, Opentrons Robotics

Microbiome research plays a crucial role in advancing human health, agriculture, and environmental sustainability, necessitating the integration of interdisciplinary and collaborative strategies. By streamlining and standardizing microbiome analysis through the combined use of the Opentrons Flex platform and Zymo’s chemistries, this partnership can accelerate the progress and influence of microbiome research. Consequently, this innovative approach holds the potential to unlock groundbreaking discoveries and applications in various fields as we master the microbiome.”

Dr. Marc Van Eden, VP, Business Development, Zymo Research

Zymo and Opentrons have a successful history of collaboration, having automated popular Zymo chemistries, including ZymoBIOMICS, Quick-DNA, and Direct-Zol chemistries on Opentrons’ reliable and affordable personal pipetting robot, the OT-2. These protocols have been written and verified by the Zymo automation team and are available in Opentrons’ open repository of protocols, the Protocol Library. In addition, over 20 protocols are automating Zymo kits contributed by our community.



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