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Fatigue, dry mouth, stomach pains and sweating – hangovers are no joke.

Yet for most their suffering isn’t enough to put them off drinking it up and enjoying their night out.

But if you didn’t need to worry about the morning after, you could let loose and live your best life.

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Swedish brand Myrkl launched the anti-hangover pill for the first the UK last month. They launched a box of 30 pills for £30 but it quickly sold out.

Boozy Brits are so desperate to get their hands on it that people have been re-selling the pill on eBay.

There are numerous listings, with the lowest bid at £49, all the way up to one which sold for £250.

Most of the listings range around the £100 mark – three times the retail price.

But experts aren’t even sure the pill lives up to its claims. The creators claim it breaks down 70% of alcohol in your system after just one hour. This means that the nasty side effects of one too many cocktails could be banished.

For the pill to be effective Myrkl says to take one 12 hours before drinking, seroquel and dental health then take a second pill one hour before your first drink. They will continue to break down the alcohol you consume over the next 12 hours.

GP Dr Luke Kane-Laverack told Grazia: “You’re never going to get a doctor to say that a hangover pill is a good idea. A hangover is a sign that you’ve had too much alcohol – your body is essentially poisoned

“So, trying to find a loophole to enable you to drink more alcohol is obviously a bad idea. This new one, Myrkl, is interesting because it’s a totally new way of dealing with a hangover.

“But they’ve only done one study on 24 people, which the company paid for. It’s not enough data to say that it works. If it does work, and the jury is very much still out, there may be a place for it.

“If you’ve got a big meeting the next day and you’re going to have some wine with dinner, it makes sense. But that’s not how most people are going to use this pill. They’re going to drink loads and go out partying.”


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