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Patients propose real world solutions to Quebec's primary care crisis: report

  • Reduce time spent by clinicians on low-value administrative tasks to free up time for

    clinical tasks, continuing education and quality improvement.
  • Offer greater autonomy to health care professionals other than physicians in order to facilitate access to care and services.
  • Promote and encourage better interdisciplinary collaboration between health care providers and community services.
  • Ensure that primary care providers foster an institutional culture that takes account of the social determinants of health and ensure good continuity of care.
  • Prioritize and respect the right to independence of people, particularly those with visible and invisible disabilities, by providing them with assistance, order imitrex over the counter such as better home care.
  • Develop public education and communication tools including information on how the system works, services offered, and the rights of users.
  • Create a people’s committee with a mandate to monitor and make recommendations on legislative and government activities relating to health care and the production of information on the health of the population.
  • Define a better legal framework for overseeing private for-profit practice, so as not to undermine access to health care services covered by the public system.

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