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The DeNovix CellDrop Automated Cell Counter has achieved ACT® Label certification from My Green Lab®, making it the first automated cell counter accredited by the program.

CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. Image Credit: DeNovix

The ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label provides a third-party verification for the environmental impact of laboratory products. The label is designed to help scientists make more sustainable purchasing decisions, with scoring categories such as manufacturing, energy and water use, paroxetine tinnitus packaging, product content, and more.

Both CellDrop models (CellDrop BF and FL) received ACT Labels for the three geographical regions represented by the program: United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the CellDrop BF scored 24.3 and the CellDrop FL scored 24.9. These scores are among the lowest in the ACT Label program, demonstrating the efforts made by DeNovix to minimize the environmental impact of our instruments.

A full breakdown of the scores are available at

The ACT Label recognizes CellDrop’s innovative approach to cell counting, which removes a source of common plastic waste from laboratories. The instrument’s patented DirectPipette™ technology allows users to load samples directly into a permanent chamber, thereby eliminating the need for plastic cell counting slides. This unique feature was identified during the formal review process and appears in the “Innovation” section of the label.

The CellDrop also scored favorably for its low energy consumption, sustainable packaging, direct shipping (for US orders), and expected 10+ year lifetime.

There’s been a real increase in the importance of sustainability when it comes to purchasing laboratory equipment. The ACT Label program is a great guide for helping scientists make better decisions, and we’re thrilled that CellDrop is a part of it. The label reflects the good work CellDrop has been doing to reduce single use plastics, as well as the actions DeNovix has made to improve our sustainable practices.”

Andrew Jones, Market Development Manager, DeNovix

“We congratulate DeNovix on their first ACT. labels for CellDrop,” said Raj Patey, Business Development Director, ACT, My Green Lab. “This innovative technology proves that there can be alternative approaches in the laboratory that make a real impact in reducing environmental impact. In this case, the complete removal of disposable plastic slides from the application together with the approaches to efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing and materials align with the core values of the ACT. Label program. We look forward to more positive collaboration with DeNovix.”


DeNovix CellDrop Automated Cell Counter

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