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Jade Roper Tolbert is open to future pregnancies.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum, 34, shares three children with husband Tanner Tolbert: daughter Emerson "Emmy" Avery, 3, and sons Brooks Easton, 17 months, and Reed Harrison, 9 weeks. In an Instagram Story true/false Q&A earlier this week, the mom says she's open to potentially being someone's surrogate.

"True! If it was the right timing," she answers a follower who posed the scenario.

Someone else asked whether it's fair to say she wants more children but Tolbert, aricept and xanax 33, does not.

Roper Tolbert says "partially true," explaining: "On a scale, I'd lean towards 75% wanting another where Tanner would probably say there's a 25% chance. So many factors going into whether or not we'd have a 4th though."

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Elsewhere in the Instagram slides, Roper Tolbert admits she sometimes worries her middle child isn't getting enough undivided attention with the newborn in the house. She notes that she tends to "have mom guilt about that with all my kids."

"They are amazing and special and I wish they could always have undivided attention, but I also know they are resilient and capable more than I probably think," she says. "But yes, it's probably a little bit more of a sore spot for me when thinking about Brooks since he was still a baby himself when Reed was born."

"But now he's getting to explore a deeper relationship with his dad since I can't do everything for him, and it's really cool to watch that, too," adds Roper Tolbert. "Ugh, motherhood is so emotionally complex."

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The mom of three also shares how she bonded with each of her babies, each in a unique way.

"Emmy was instantaneously," she says. "I felt a disconnect with Brooks (I think because of my birth trauma with him. I also think the way he came into the world affected him as well.), and the bond with him took time."

"The bond with Reed was instant as well, but I had to give myself permission to feel it and not be afraid of it, if that makes sense," continues Roper Tolbert. "My bond now with each of them is so special and I treasure each unique relationship and love them beyond anything else."

Roper Tolbert previously opened up about the unplanned and scary way she gave birth to her second child, with the delivery happening at home in a closet. "It was one of the scariest moments of my life because I felt so out of control, but Tanner, Tanner's mom, my mom and the medics and firefighters kept me going when I felt like the world was caving in on me and my unborn baby," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

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