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Working parents everywhere know how hard the balance can be. There’s the inevitable struggle of wanting to be home with your kiddo, but also wanting to work full-time — and adding a sick child into the mix is another challenging element working moms and dads face daily. Hilary Duff knows how tough that can be, and just shared how she’s feeling about working on set while her youngest daughter, Mae, is home sick.

In her August 10 Instagram Stories, Duff shared a video of herself at work, and she got candid about her current struggle as a working mom who also wants to be home with her sick child. “Well, Mae Mae has hand foot and mouth,” Duff said. “And none of my other kids have ever had hand foot and mouth, comprar ilosone gel so I’ve never seen it before. And that looks awful.”

Hand foot and mouth disease is highly contagious in children under 5, so it makes sense that her daughter, Mae — who she shares with husband Matthew Koma and is 16 months old — came down with the disease. Duff and Koma also share daughter Banks, 3, and the actress is mom to son Luca, 10, who she shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

“And I haven’t been able to be with her all day because I’m at work,” Duff explained. “And I love my job so much, but this is just a little shoutout to working parents who have to leave their kids in times that don’t feel natural, and it kind of goes against everything in your body to, you know, not be with them in times like that.” Yep, Duff nailed it. As easy as it is for mom (or dad) guilt to creep in during situations like these, it’s comforting to hear Duff also struggle with those same emotions.

“So, I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself basically, but you’re doing a good job,” Duff tells her followers, and fellow working parents. “Just like I know I’m doing a good job, and working hard for my family.”

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