Fallout 76: Full Patch Notes For Update

The latest Fallout 76 patch is rolling out ahead of the huge Wastelanders expansion launching on April 7. Update version is 6 GB on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and under 1 GB on PC.

The patch makes some behind-the-scenes preparations for the upcoming Wastelanders expansion, and also fixes a number of bugs related to stability and performance; art and graphics; C.A.M.P., crafting, and workshops; and items. These include fixes for numerous crashes on all platforms, corrections to visual effects not appearing, and a fix for basic floor components consuming more C.A.M.P. budget than intended, among others.

Full patch notes for update version

General bug fixes

  • Stability: Addressed multiple issues that could sometimes result in a crash when a world was under heavy load.
  • Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause the PlayStation 4 client to crash after disconnecting while in-game.
  • Stability: Addressed a UI issue that could cause the Xbox One game client to crash.
  • Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when reconnecting to the internet while running the Xbox One game client.
  • Graphics: When entering Power Armor with the Nuka-Cola Dark paint, parts of the armor’s interior no longer appear see-through.
  • Graphics: Corrected visual effects that were not appearing when firing and reloading a Black Powder Rifle with the Flintlock paint.
  • Graphics: The Nuka-Cola Vending Machine will no longer continue to appear damaged after the owner has repaired it.
  • Textures: When reloading and firing a Lever Action Rifle with the Starlet Sniper paint, bullets and casings now display the correct textures.
  • Floors: Corrected an issue that caused basic floor objects to consume more C.A.M.P. budget than intended.
    • Please Note: If you had lots of basic flooring in your C.A.M.P., you should notice a small boost to your available C.A.M.P. budget after today’s update.
  • Lights: Added an alternate version of the Oval Holiday String Lights that can be mounted on walls.
    • Please Note: If you already own the Oval Holiday String Lights, you will now be able to build both the wall and ceiling mounted versions. Players who unlock this item in the Atomic Shop in the future will also be able to build both versions.
    • Misc.: The Scorchbeast Heart Specimen Capsule’s collision no longer persists in the world after the Capsule has been destroyed.
    • Stairs: Addressed an issue that could prevent NPCs from going up or down the Nuka-Cola Metal Stairs.
      • The Dragon: Applying the Nighthawk skin to The Dragon now correctly renames the weapon to The Nighthawk.

      Fallout 76 will also be coming to Steam on April 7 when the Wastelanders expansion launches. The game famously bypassed Steam when it released in October 2018, instead opting to launch through Bethesda’s own launcher.

      Wastelanders itself will launch on all platforms as a free update for everybody. The major content expansion finally adds fully-voiced NPCs to the multiplayer-focused RPG, and includes a brand-new main mission campaign to take on, either alone or with other players. Wastelanders also sees you meet and interact with competing factions, with your choices determining who ends up on top.

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Temtem Complete Roadmap Reveals Trading House, Dojo Wars, And Nuzlocke Mode

Temtem’s mid-term roadmap reveals the new Trading House, Dojo Wars, and much more.

Yesterday, we found out what developer Crema Games plans for Temtem over the next 9 months. We can expect two new islands, 50 new Temtem, revamped chat, clubs, and more. Dojo Wars and the Trading House were mentioned with a note to check back tomorrow for more info.

That info got dropped today, and Temtem players will have a lot to get excited for over the next year.

Starting in Winter 2020, yet another island will arrive called Arbury. This island will bring 30 new Temtem along with the second-ever mythical Temtem. Along with the island will come Dojo Wars, where players will compete against each other to conquer any if the island’s Dojos. Once conquered, the victorious club gets to decorate the place to their liking and also gain unspecified rewards.

The Trading House is also going to be a big feature to arrive this Winter. Trading Houses are actually in the game right now, but they’re inaccessible and have “WIP” signs hanging out front. Once activated, they’ll serve as trading hotspots where players can go to post and accept offers from other players for trading Temtem. It will operate much like Pokémon‘s Global Trading System, so those familiar with Pokémon will find a lot in common.

Expanded leagues and medals in ranked matchmaking, as well as a more professional Spectator Mode, will also come in the Winter of 2020.

The next major milestone will come in the Spring of 2021 when Temtem has its official launch on all major consoles. A new end-game island will be added that will provide Temtem tamers with something to do once they’ve completed the main story quest. It will be a lot like Pokémon’s Battle Frontier, with an endless series of battles to test a tamer’s mettle.

Daily and weekly quests will provide Temtem tamers with short-term goals, while a cosmetic store will launch that will help Crema fund further development.

Last stop on our roadmap is Summer 2021, which adds a cosmetic-based Battle Pass system, a third mythical Temtem, and a Nuzlocke mode. Nuzlocke is much like an Iron Man mode in other games where if a Temtem is knocked out it’s considered “dead” and can no longer be used. In Temtem, Nuzlocke mode will also make it so only one or two Temtem can be caught per area, making each capture a carefully considered decision.

Nuzlocke players will be on a different server with PvP enabled, so taking on a challenger will almost certainly cause a loss in Temtem.

For the full details, head on over to Crema’s website.

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Entire Doom Collection On Sale For $18, Includes $10 Doom Eternal Rebate (PS4, Xbox One)

With Doom Eternal releasing March 20, fans of the series will soon return to slaying the demonic forces of Hell, facing new types of enemies and wielding a bigger arsenal of weapons. Doom Eternal will be the fifth mainline game in the series, and if you want to go back to the franchise’s roots before the new game releases, you can easily do so with the Doom Slayers Collection, which is on sale for $18 (down from $30) at Amazon and available for PS4 and Xbox One. That’s 40% off, and the bundle comes with free Prime shipping.

The Doom Slayers Collection comes with Doom (1993), Doom II (1994), Doom 3 (2004), and Doom (2016). Getting all four games for just $18 is an excellent deal, as buying them all separately on PSN or Xbox Live would cost you $40 at full price. Even with Doom 2016 on sale for $6 on Xbox Live and $10 on PSN right now, you’d pay at least $26, so this is a deal to hop on if you’re interested in revisiting classic Doom games in the coming weeks.

It’s important to note the Doom Slayers Collection only includes Doom 2016 on a disc. The box will come with download codes for Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3.

You get a few bonuses for purchasing this bundle as well. Notably, the collection includes a $10 rebate on Doom Eternal, which is already discounted to $49.94 on Amazon ahead of release. You’ll also receive a controller skin and Doom game poster.

While this collection is only for PS4 and Xbox One, you can save quite a bit of money on classic Doom games on the Nintendo Eshop, where Doom and Doom II are going for $1.49 each. Doom 3 is discounted to $3, and Doom 2016 is 50% off at $30.

Plus, brush up on everything you need to know about pre-ordering Doom Eternal, including its pre-order bonuses, Collector’s edition, and more.

Doom Eternal News

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  • Doom Eternal: Release Date, Multiplayer Modes, Demons, And What We Know
  • Doom Eternal Has A Hub Area, The Fortress Of Doom; Here's What's In It

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Tekken 7 Has Shipped 5 Million Units

Tekken 7 has shipped over 5 million copies as of last December, according to a new sales report. The long running fighting franchise continues to be a strong seller almost five years after its initial release, thanks to a dedicated following of casual and competitive players. Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of the franchise, took to Twitter to celebrate the milestone as the game looks to be as popular as ever.

The seventh entry of the series was the first to incorporate the Unreal Engine and guest characters from outside fighting games, a strategy that has brought increased attention to the game. Street Fighter’s Akuma, Fatal Fury’s Geese, and Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis were all welcomed additions to the series, as well as The Walking Dead’s antagonist Negan. Additional characters and features are still coming to the game, meaning that Bandai Namco is still firmly behind the title so far into its release cycle.

While it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, particularly with balancing issues that seem to plague the game after every major patch, Tekken 7 has been embraced by the fighting game community as one of the most consistently entertaining titles on the competition circuit. Boosted by the Tekken World Tour and a premier event of the Evolution Championship Series, Tekken may now be bigger than ever.

As a whole, the series has moved 49 million units since 1995 and the seventh entry is behind Tekken 3’s 8.5 million units and the combined 8.2 million units of Tekken 5 and Dark Resurrection. It doesn’t seem likely that Tekken 7 can close the gap unless some extreme measures are taken to get into more homes, but it does indicate the series is still doing incredibly well.

The effects of Tekken on a global stage has been no more apparent than with this release, with one of the biggest stories in the fighting game community last year being the near unstoppable run of Pakistani players challenging the dominance of series veterans. With plenty of people playing around the world — and no news on an eighth entry as of yet — Tekken 7 will continue its successful run.

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Shovel Knight Dev Announces New Games

Independent studio and Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games borrowed a page out of Nintendo’s book by hosting a Direct-style presentation of its own, where the team made a bunch of announcements. Among them was a brand-new game, additional characters for upcoming titles, a release window for another game, and more. We’ve compiled a roundup of all the news that came out of the YCG Presents livestream below.

Shovel Knight Enters The Dungeon

One of the upcoming projects from YCG is the newly-announced Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. In a press release, YCG described the game as “an action-packed puzzle adventure mashup.” In Pocket Dungeon, you guide the titular Shovel Knight as he makes his way through various environments. Every move you make causes the puzzle to shift. Bump into an enemy and you attack; run into an item and you pick it up.

Pocket Dungeon also features local multiplayer, allowing you to go head-to-head against your friends. And in addition to a brand-new Shovel Knight experience, YCG has introduced a new character you will meet during the journey: Puzzle Knight. It’s fitting since Pocket Dungeon is a roguelike puzzler. A release date or platforms have not been provided, but YCG is bringing a playable demo of Pocket Dungeon to PAX East.

Shadows Incoming This Fall

Yacht Club Games may be known as the Shovel Knight studio, but the team has made it explicitly clear that it also wants to branch into publishing. Enter Cyber Shadow, a 2D action-platformer we’ve known about for nearly a year now. At long last, YCG has provided a new look into the ninja game with a story trailer. And along with the story trailer, YCG has finally given a tentative release window. Cyber Shadow is expected to arrive sometime this fall for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also launch day-one as part of Xbox Game Pass and supports Shovel Knight Amiibo.

New Knights, New Games

In conjunction with the aforementioned Cyber Shadow and Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, there are a few more things in the works at Yacht Club Games. The studio is still tinkering with Shovel Knight Dig, which will launch sometime next year for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. With development still underway, YCG announced that Dig will include a brand-new Hive Knight enemy that you will encounter throughout Dig.

In addition to Dig and Pocket Dungeon, YCG confirmed that multiple games are currently in development. The studio hasn’t given any details about these projects, but they will be brand-new IP nonetheless. During the YCG Presents livestream, the team said that “if you love Shovel Knight, you’ll surely be interested in these games as well. These brand new games are a ways off, but please begin to imagine what kinds of games will be crafted during 2020, the year of the rat.”

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

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ESL implementing health screening at IEM Katowice amidst coronavirus outbreak

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, ESL will be implementing a health screening for those attending the IEM Katowice event in Poland. The coronavirus has already been seen in 33 countries with over 80,000 confirmed cases with just under 3,000 deaths.

The event is open to the public this weekend as fans descend on the Spodek Arena from February 28th to March 1st. ESL has stated they’re monitoring the situation closely as it “evaluates the health and safety status of fans, players, and staff on a daily basis.”

ESL has “worked closely with the local government and health authorities to add additional precautions for everyone attending,” according to the official announcement. “As part of the precautions, we have added health screening for all attendees, including temperature checks at entryways, additional medical professionals onsite, and additional sanitization stations onsite.”

According to the post, the main addition will be a temperature check as well as potential interviews being conducted prior to fans entering the arena.

Any attendees “coming from high risk areas” will be required to have a valid health certificate or have been told to “attend additional health screenings.”

In addition, there will extra medical staff and first aid patrol alongside an increased number of hygiene stations throughout the venue.

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Updates to Google’s Open Images could lead to improved app interface design

Today, Google’s Open Images corpus for computer vision tasks got a boost with new visual relationships, human action annotations, and image-level labels, as well as a new form of multimodal annotations called localized narratives. Google says this last addition could create “potential avenues of research” for studying how people describe images, which could lead to interface design insights (and subsequently improvements) across web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Google introduced Open Images in 2016, a data set of millions of labeled images spanning thousands of object categories. Major updates arrived in 2018 and 2019, bringing with them 15.4 million bounding-boxes for 600 object categories and segmentation masks (which mark the outline of objects) for 2.8 million object instances in 350 categories.

“Along with the dataset itself, the associated Open Images [c]hallenges have spurred the latest advances in object detection, instance segmentation, and visual relationship detection,” wrote Jordi Pont-Tuset, a research scientist at Google Research. “Open Images is the largest annotated image dataset in many regards, for use in training the latest deep convolutional neural networks for computer vision tasks.”

As Pont-Tuset explains, one of the motivations behind localized narratives is to leverage the connection between vision and language, which is typically done via image captioning (i.e., images paired with written descriptions of their content). But image captioning lacks visual “grounding.” To mitigate this, some researchers have drawn bounding boxes for the nouns in captions after the fact — in contrast to localized narratives, where every word in the description is grounded.

The localized narratives in Open Images were generated by annotators who provided spoken descriptions of images while they hovered over regions they were describing with a computer mouse. The annotators manually transcribed their description, after which Google researchers aligned it with automatic speech transcriptions, ensuring that the speech, text, and mouse trace were correct and synchronized.

“Speaking and pointing simultaneously are very intuitive, which allowed us to give the annotators very vague instructions about the task.” explained Pont-Tuset. “[This latest version of] Open Images is a significant qualitative and quantitative step towards improving the unified annotations for image classification, object detection, visual relationship detection, and instance segmentation … [w]e hope that [it] will further stimulate progress towards genuine scene understanding.”

Open Images is freely available. According to Google, Open Images’ totals now stand at 9 million images annotated with 36 million image-level labels, 15.8 million bounding boxes, 2.8 million instance segmentations, 391,000 visual relationships, and 59.9 million human-verified image-level labels in over nearly 20,000 categories.

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Valve is looking for cities to host The International 2021

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For fans worried that Dota 2 is a dead game, rest assured that there will at least be an 11th edition of the biggest tournament of the year.

Valve has released an open call asking for cities to host The International 2021. The first edition of the tournament was held in Cologne, Germany at Gamescom 2011, before moving to Valve’s home city in Seattle for six years. TI has since toured around the world to Vancouver, Shanghai, and will be held in Stockholm this year.

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Epic Games could implement weekly updates back into Fortnite Season 2

While Fortnite is still an uber-popular title, fans do have some grudges with the game and the developer, Epic Games. One of the aspects that made Fortnite so great in the beginning was its weekly updates that patched bugs, introduced new content, and more.

In recent seasons, however, Epic has veered away from that model and gone with a more traditional developer approach. Also, there aren’t any patch notes anymore, which is quite frustrating. Though we may not see the latter of those return, leaks suggest that the former may be coming back in Season 2.

Could weekly updates return to Fortnite?

There were many reasons that Fortnite shot to the top of the gaming world in such a short amount of time. However, one of the biggest reasons was the constant updates Epic Games delivered. Since the game is still in early access, Epic could do this without going through all the red tape that fully released games need to muck through.

As we know, though, those massive update sprees have stopped with recent seasons. The updates began to slow down around the time of Season X, with last season seeing very little. But with Season 2, there’s a possibility we could see a return of the weekly updates.

According to @HYPEX, a well-known Fortnite leaker, Epic has already begun testing future updates.

12.10 & 12.20 were already being tested this week, maybe we will see weekly updates again? imo if epic does it, it will keep the current season’s hype for weeks.. especially if they keep adding new stuff.

The fact that v12.20 is in the works is worth noting. This means that Epic Games is getting ready for an update that is supposedly weeks away. While it doesn’t mean anything officially, it does signal positive tidings for the future. And if the above tweet wasn’t enough, even Tyler “Ninja” Blevins believes that weekly updates are making a comeback.

This season has been extremely awesome. Let’s hope Fortnite does weekly updates for content!

I believe they will 🙂

So, as of right now, there’s a lot of speculation without any confirmation. However, we’ll know if this is for real later this week, as the first weekly update will supposedly go live sometime soon.

Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news.

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An Overwatch streamer modded a Power Glove to play as Sombra—and it's ridiculous

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Gamers are truly amazing sometimes, using their ingenuity to create crazy scenarios and usages for otherwise useless items in creative ways.

When it comes to useless gaming peripherals, the Power Glove, which was a legendary failure for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is right at the top of the list. It was introduced in 1989 and then swiftly discontinued a year later due to its difficulty in use.

But that didn’t stop YouTuber and streamer SuperLouis64 from modding one to use in a fun way in Overwatch. He took a Power Glove and modded it to play Sombra with full functionality.

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